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Submission + - Siri fails to show up for work. (cnn.com)

mosb1000 writes: "You may have noticed that Siri didn't show up for work yesterday. CNN has an article about the outage. From the article:

Siri needs to communicate with computers that are in the cloud to understand and process voice commands, leading observers to believe something went wrong with that system. Apple hasn't commented on the outage and did not immediately respond to CNN's request for information.

Is this kind of behavior understandable since she is a relatively new hire, or is it time to start the disciplinary process?"


Submission + - 2011 Ig Nobel prizes: laugh first, think later (networkworld.com)

alphadogg writes: The quirky Ig Nobel prizes honoring some of the world's funniest if not the most practical academic research will be handed out Thursday night at Harvard University during ceremonies that will include help from actual Nobel laureates. The theme this year is chemistry, but that doesn't really restrict which entries might win, judging from research that has claimed Ig Nobels in the past. For instance, last year the prize for medicine went to a Netherlands researcher who discovered that riding roller coasters alleviates asthma symptoms. The prize for engineering went to an international team "for perfecting a method to collect whale snot using a remote-control helicopter."

Submission + - SPAM: China renames mountain in honor of Avatar

kghapa writes: Think you’re Avatar’s biggest fan? Even if you’re hardcore enough to name your firstborn child “Neytiri” and live the rest of your life in the jungle, you’ve still been one-upped by China. China has literally renamed a mountain because of the blockbuster hit.
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