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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1080

Exactly this. I have always believed that capitalism is a sound concept. The problem comes when you start believing in it as an ideology that you defend against all comers.

Many people think of Capitalism (The capital C is intentional) as the solution for everything. Many of them, I think, believe that its because "Gods invisible hand" is manipulating things and making sure that the "worthy" are successful. Thus we have this blending of religion and Capitalism that pulls along a lot of small c capitalists and the moderately religious.

Nothing is the solution to everything. And just because you are successful where others arent doesnt make it Gods will.

Comment Human looking emojis? WHY?!?!?!? (Score 1) 35

Seriously. The simple yellow circle with expressions are perfect because the are nonspecific and can be assumed to apply to everyone.

Now we are adding skin tone... Why? That just opens the door to people complaining about hair color, hair style, eye color, face shape and a ton of other things.
Where is the identical set of emojis for people wearing an eye patch. Left or right eye? Scars? Bald people? Glasses? People who lost their noses in tragic plastic surgery incidents?

They have family emojis. Where is the mixed race family? Same Gender couple? Family with 2 boys, family with 2 girls. How about the family with 4 boys, 2 girls a parrot and a lama?

Specificity is not always helpful.

Comment Re:Now Convince India and China to Cut Emissions (Score 1) 837

Exactly right.
And while we are at it, lets stop wasting our tax money on the whole judicial system and police!
I mean, how many years have we been trying to stop crime and yet there are STILL people out there committing crimes!
Its obvious that doing the right thing for its own sake is completely pointless....

Every parent spends so much effort to get their kids to clean up their own messes. But for some reason when it comes to corporations we give them a pass because "it would cut into our profits." Just like a kid whining "But mom, I have to study for this test so I just dont have time to clean that up!"

Comment Re:Semantics (Score 1, Informative) 837

There is a difference between "weather" and "climate."

Yes, weather changes all the time. The climate tells you what the expected variations of weather should be. If you are seeing weather consistently outside of those patterns, then either your understanding of the climate is wrong (i.e. its based on 100 years of weather, but there is a 200 year cycle of weather patterns) or the climate is changing.

Comment Re:(TFA != Headline) == 1 (Score 1) 62

..or you could read the summary where it says "This change occurred when the oldest vehicle, SVN 23, was removed from the constellation." and generously assume that SVN 23 was removed because of a hardware failure and the removal of a satellite from the constellation triggered the software defect and thus both interpretations are correct.

But then you would have no excuse to complain, and where is the fun in that?

Comment Re:Please put the word "space" in quotes (Score 4, Insightful) 121

They clearly should have spent 5 times the money to get further into space even though that would in no way help the validity of their test of recovery systems.

Why? Because that money would have helped shut up people who completely miss the point.
It would have been well worth it.

Comment Re:Smoking or not, that's the question. (Score 1) 175

Not sure I follow.
The comparison is "perceived health effect of marijuana smoke vs perceived health effects of cigarette smoke."
Maybe its only tar as you say, maybe its not. I make no claims either way.
If its just tar than my statement holds up: Despite marijuana having more tar, pot smokers use a smaller volume of product than tobacco smokers so there is less of a marijuana tar problem regardless of the per gram tar ratios.
If its more than just tar than the statement still holds up for those as well.

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