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Comment So did it birth itself? (Score 1) 338

I mean, if it didn't write itself... then what good is it? Some developer has to write the code for the thing that writes the code.... right? And since all of the programmers are now out of jobs... who's going to maintain those code snippets that this thing uses? Or are we saying that every code snippet that ever needed to be written, is done... ? No. This is stupid. It's a fun idea... and they can run with it... but I'm not worried for at least another 2 decades of coding. I hope I'm out by then. Not because of age, but choice.

Comment Re:Great, drive prices up some more (Score 1) 271

The reason we reach for things like higher minimum wages and guaranteed overtime pay is because we, as a society, want to make things better for the most people possible. This means that we set expectations about what we consider to be acceptable living conditions.

I'm sure you think we should abolish minimum wage and everyone should get paid "market value" for their jobs. This is great, in theory, until your job is the next one on the "market value". Why should I pay you $50k, when there's a guy with no house, 2 kids, no cars, and expects no benefits, and he'll do the job for $10k, just so he can feed his family?

I'm sure you'll say, "Well, then you should just train to find a better job that is in higher demand." That doesn't work, because the hordes of people will eventually come for that job as well.

It's a race to bottom at that point, and helps nobody.

Comment Re:Private sector will always do it better. (Score 4, Informative) 352

Socialize? I guess we should get rid of roads, police, military then... because by your definition, anything that the public requests of their government, and then pays for... is "socialist".

We need to be stopping the relentless growth of big corporations and monopolies, not giving them more power & money to control politics.

Comment Re:Different use cases (Score 1) 244

Oh...I understand his point.

He was trying to bring sanity to an endless discussion over a click bait article by expressing his opinion on how the different options stack up.

I humorously referenced the original article's intent, which states that we should all switch to PostGres because:

1. A few specific types of indexing.
2. Table Inheritance
3. JSONb

If that's all the author could come up with... then we are splitting hairs and speaking to the minority of the population.

I now feel dirty by having spent so much time discussing a horrible article that dice created solely to cause a stir.

Comment Re:Galera Clustering (Score 1) 244

If you're using Galera, I'd recommend you to read this - https://aphyr.com/posts/327-ca... . Depending on your application requirements, you may have unwanted behaviour from your cluster.

And then read this, after that, as it is a response from Percona about the first article . https://www.percona.com/blog/2015/09/17/clarification-call-maybe-mariadb-galera-cluster/

Comment Re:This is how America ceases to be great (Score 1) 133

It has to do with free speech because the Supreme Court ruled that anyone should be able to give any amount of money to anyone they want, and their reasoning for allowing this is because they believe giving that money to anyone you want is defensible because it is free speech. So, while I understand your confusion, and I agree that the two have nothing to do with each other, the point the Supreme Court made is...

Giving money to politicians = Free Speech. Essentially saying we have no right to infringe on this freedom with rules or regulations because it would be contrary to the 1st Amendment.

So people like me, who think that money should play no part in how someone gets elected, just got kicked in the nuts and told to go home. Because a guy with $1,000,000 to blow, will be able to afford a lot more "free speech" (media exposure, staffers, etc.) than my $100.

Comment Re:More Corporate Greedmeisters (Score 1) 466

I feel like the sarcasm in my post wasn't thick enough. I was going for the tone of people I know that say things like, "If you tax the rich, nobody will work hard anymore cause they can't make any money." or "Regulation is BAD. Always BAD."

Which is utter BS but, when you're a capitalist you don't think that anything can ever happen without the incentive to get rich. As if people don't ever get curious and try to solve problems, simply because they want to try.

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