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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Canadian Idea for the US voter,

MrShaggy writes: "Since the republican party Seems hell bent on prevenrting people from voting all together, recent state laws that try too make Voterrs bring 3 seperate ID's , to the recent (Cal?) law that changes the registration times to less then 48 hrs to register.

In Canada we use a simple method for registering. Rev-Canada has a box that you can tick to register.

In the Us, using the same system, and do it automatically at the federal level.
The other issue is that by some magic, dead people vote.

Could you not use the death certificate to automatically off?

A voter should have a Id card that they can take with them to any polling station. As well as any other normal ID. Such as tax records, or drivers lisence.

What do you guys think?"

Submission + - Stanford Grad Students fix e-car issue (huffingtonpost.com)

MrShaggy writes: "fta :

With new state regulations demanding an increase in the number of clean and green cars, the future is looking bright for electric cars, such as the Nissan Leaf.

The problem is, most electric cars can't go more than about 100 miles without being recharged.

But a team of Stanford University researchers may have come up with a novel infrastructure design that could solve this problem. They see a future in which magnetic fields could transmit electrical currents on highways, charging cars while they drive."

Submission + - Was mega upload crushed to stop mega box? (dslreports.com)

MrShaggy writes: "Our friends at dsl-reports that 'The kicker was Megabox would cater to unsigned artists and allow anyone to sell their creations while allowing the artist to retain 90% of the earnings. Or, artists could even giveaway their songs and would be paid through a service called Megakey. “Yes that’s right, we will pay artists even for free downloads. The Megakey business model has been tested with over a million users and it works,” Kim Dotcom told TorrentFreak in December. Megabox was planning on bypassing the labels, RIAA, and the entire music establishment.'"

Submission + - Sw:tor free time not so free after all. (swtor.com)

MrShaggy writes: "Seems that the 30 days of playtime that Bioware has included in has been halted.

Which sounds like a breech of contract.
Since I live in Canada we have a law preventing negative purchase options. Which sounds like it.
From their own website:

Some of you have seen a ‘no active subscription’ error on your account while attempting to login to play today. As mentioned yesterday, as of 6AM CST this morning and the completion of our maintenance period, in order to continue playing Star Wars: The Old Republic you will need to have completed the following steps:

1) Create an account on SWTOR.com (if you have not already done so)

2) Within the 'My Account' section:

Complete your contact information
Add between three and five security questions on your account
Redeem an official Game Product Registration Code (not a pre-order code; see below)
Sign up for a subscription or enter a Pre-Paid Game Time Code
Optional: register a Physical or Mobile Security Key to your account
If you have issues completing any of these steps, please contact Customer Services.'"

Submission + - Windows gaming server.

MrShaggy writes: "Since I have a bunch of spare parts. I am wondering if there is a way to make a disk less client that would let me play games?

Sort of like on-live.

  I don't have a lot of money, so cheap or free solutions will the best.


Submission + - Cool Study (huffingtonpost.com)

MrShaggy writes: "The Huff is mentioning that people that watch Fox news are less likely to know of world events then someone that watches no News at all."

Submission + - Wind Mobile regrets investing in Canada

MrShaggy writes: "The billionaire financier behind the Wind Mobile cellular telephone company says he regrets getting involved in Canada in the first place.

That's one of several revelations made by Naguib Sawiris, the Egyptian founder of the Orascom media conglomerate, in an interview with the CBC's Amanda Lang.


Submission + - Verizon Strike ends. (dslreports.com)

MrShaggy writes: "The union has announced that they are back to work on Monday. They are working on terms of old contract untill a new one is worked out. The union also indicated that the new contracts are to be narrowed in scope."

Submission + - 3D Food creation (www.cbc.ca)

MrShaggy writes: "An engineering lab and a culinary school have teamed up to construct novel edible objects with 3D printers that use pureed foods in place of ink."

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