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Submission + - Amazon.com Evicts Wikileaks. Who's Next?

theodp writes: Facing pressure from Sen. Joe Lieberman in the early days of the holiday shopping season, Amazon.com has 'ceased to host' the WikiLeaks website following inquiries by Lieberman's staff. 'But why stop there?,' asks Valleywag's Ryan Tate. 'There's all kinds of controversial customers the cowardly but remarkably convenient e-tailer can flee from.' The NY Times, for example, an Amazon Kindle partner, went out of its way to get early access to the confidential diplomatic cables obtained by sometime partner Wikileaks, and published much of the info they contained, which some would argue violated the Espionage Act. So, will Amazon evict the Times from the Kindle? Or perhaps wipe the offending info remotely, George Orwell style, as Amazon has proven it's capable of doing? How about the Guardian? The Washington Post? Meanwhile, just a month ago, Amazon was content to sell 'A Pedophile's Guide,' defending that title thusly: 'Amazon believes it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable.' Looks like the same high-minded ideals don't necessarily apply to actual relevant information about government behaving badly.

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