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Comment Re:Laughable (Score 1) 370

After it reboots, but before it starts loading Windows, you can usually hit some key to load hardware setup or the boot options. You can kill the power from there.

I swear to God, every freaking time I start to consider moving my desktop to Win10, MS pulls something like this and makes me reconsider.

Comment Re:It's amazing she still has defenders (Score 1) 742

Yeah... I have lots of seriously concerns about Clinton... but I'd pick her over Trump because I'm a one-issue voter, and that issue is not opening the seventh seal and ushering in the apocalypse.

Um, Hillary has already pretty conclusively demonstrated that she can't keep anything securely sealed.

Email server, Bill's pants... yeah, there is a bit of a pattern.

Comment Re:You know, we'd study it, but... (Score 1) 53

Clinical trials are fucking expensive, man. Somewhat less expensive if the drug is already approved for other uses, but you're still talking probably upwards of $100M per drug to show that it works. The NIH budget isn't big, especially if you want them to keep funding basic and translational (not clinical) research at the same time.

At one point during the early discussions of the TPP trade deal, a thought occured to me: Why don't we have an international agreement for reciprocity in medical treatments? Clinical trials are, as you say, "fucking expensive, man," but they're many times more expensive when you have to go through variations of the same trials over and over for different markets.

I was recently talking with my father-in-law. He told me about how his mom and sister had both been to Germany for a particular neck surgery that isn't yet approved in the U.S. Seriously? It's not like Germany has some back-woods medical system that treats everything with leeches and liquor. Can't we have an agreement between the G7 countries where, if a drug goes through clinical trials and get approved in one, they others can just say, "Good enough for me!"?

Comment Re:Lack of Intent !=No criminal wrongdoing (Score 1) 477

There are two levels of evidence needed. First, that something was clearly leaked, and THEN it was leaked intentionally. Right now she's still at level 0 (based on public evidence).

The Espionage Act criminalizes the mishandling of classified documents. Intent is irrelevant. So, to correct your level estimation, she's at Level 1, where Level 1 corresponds to "broke the law". Plus there's the issue of passing her email archive to her lawyer, who was not cleared for classified documents.

Comment Re:Ads? (Score 1) 96

Not on Linux you don't, it comes from a trusted Ubuntu PPA, you don't need to visit any website to install keepass2. Windows and Android users are just shit outta luck doing it this way.

Android has nothing to do with this because: A) Android users are probably going to install and update through an App store, and B) This dev only works on the Linux, Windows, and OSX versions - the Android ports, (there's several,) IOS, Blackberry, etc... come from different developers.

Comment Re: Not Surprising (Score 1) 249

I did, a few months ago, because of the creeping bloat, and now I use Fx browser.

Just checked out Fx. Apparently they're running $1 off their paid version, and they specifically mention a popular competitor that's started running ads on the lockscreen. (I've used ES file explorer for awhile, came to this thread because I knew /.ers would be discussing alternatives).

Comment Re:easy : they cheat (Score 1) 364

Sounds a little crazy, but at the same time, there are diehards of both party who wouldn't vote for the other side if their candidate ended up as a suspected murderer let alone some other form of lesser criminal.

For living proof of this, look at how many discussions of the current Democrat primary race include the phrase, "...assuming she's not indicted..."

Comment Re:Printer with public internet ip? why? (Score 1) 390

Yeah, this is a lot like "hacking" your neighbor's unsecured WiFi or the Facebook account someone left signed in at the library.

My first thought on reading the summary was that somebody's going to do the same thing with unsecured, publicly accessible 3D printers, and we'll see a story about hundreds of 3D printers around the world spontaneously printing dildos.

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