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Comment Re: Two NICs yet? (Score 1) 92

Realistically, the J1900 is powerful enough to handle any routing duties a small network will throw at it. VLANs, VPN encryption, packet inspection etc are all fine. The pfSense boards are filled with people using these units with multiple VPN tunnels and getting close to gigabit.

For a home router, unencrypted, running snort and a few other things but with the majority of traffic not VPN? It'll handle gigabit speeds without breaking a sweat.

Comment Re:The anti-East propaganda wheels (Score 2) 59

When the US stops bombing countries on flimsy pretexts, stops biting chunks off its citizens' rights, stops using its covert services to interfere with the politics of other sovereign nations, THEN you can come and pontificate about China being a menace. Until then, however, if you want to see the biggest global menace, look no further than Washington DC.

Comment Re:Lenovo (Score 1) 59

Oppo phones are excellent. The R9 is a serious contended for Samsung Galaxy S series quality and build. And Huawei make more than a Nexus handset. Look at their range in the middle and low price brackets. Their low end phones look and feel like mid range Samsung phones. And ZTE? They're essentially unchallenged in the "bar of soap wifi hotspot" market.

Dismiss the Chinese at your peril.

Submission + - Jacob Applebaum apparently exonerated

MrNaz writes: In the past few days we have heard the accusations against key Tor developer and advocate Jacob Applebaum made by Emerson Tan, Meredith Patterson, and Andrea Shepard, that they witnessed Jacob engaged in sexual misconduct. Following these accusations, the Tor mailing list quickly split into two, with those supporting Jacob accusing the other side of being a lynch mob, and those supporting Jake's accusers labeling his supporters apologists of rape.

It turns out that the girl that was witnessed with Jacob is a long time friend of his, and has released a statement which apparently exonerates Jacob. From the article:

I recall Tan approaching me, asking me if Jacob was harassing me. I said he wasn’t. Nevertheless, Tan dragged me away and immediately started talking intensely to Jake. At that point I decided to leave, since my friend was waiting for me. I walked him to his hotel, which was only a couple of blocks away.

So where does the Slashdot community stand on this? Is this a sign that the community is developing a healthy disdain for sexual misconduct, or a reflection of the fact that we need to reign in uninformed kneejerk reactions and vigilantism?

Submission + - Intel Announces Xeon E7 v4 Processors Supporting Up To 24TB Of Memory, 8 Sockets (

MojoKid writes: Intel recently unveiled their new top-end server chip offering, dubbed Xeon E7 v4, which leverages their Broadwell-EX architecture for mission-critical server applications, big data analytics, and the cloud. Servers with Intel Xeon Processor E7 v4 series processors can support up to 24TB of memory (3TB per socket), which is double the previous generation. The chips also support up to 8 sockets in a single system and are drop-in compatible with existing Brickland-based platforms, after a BIOS / microcode update. In most segments, Xeon Processor E7 v4 series processors typically feature more cores and cache than their previous-generation counterparts, and occasionally higher clocks as well. Xeon E7 v4 series processors with up to 24 physical cores (48 threads) and 60MB of cache will be available.In a 4-socket Brickland-based server powered by a quartet of E7-8890s, in comparison to last year's Xeon E7 v3 series parts, the new Xeon E7 v4 series is an average of about 30% faster across the board. SPECvirt-DC 2013 shows the largest gain of about 35%, while SPECfp shown an uplift of 19%.

Submission + - The sorry state of Android backup

MrNaz writes: Android has been around for 8 years, and is now in a fairly mature state. Yet, there is still no official or even unofficial simple backup method that The Average User can be pointed to. Contact lists, calendar data and other items that are deeply ingrained in the Google platform are easy as they sync seamlessly, however that's about where it stops. SMS/MMS content is difficult and flaky to backup and restore as the plethora of apps each have their own gotchas relating to things like multi-part SMSes, non-Latin characters, or message limits. The most commonly cited simple backup tool, Helium, which claims to be "the missing app sync and backup solution for Android", does not back up MMSes nor apps where the developer has flagged they don't want to allow backups. Absurdly, it also does not back up app data which is almost the entire point of backups. I can re-download all my apps from the Play Store anyway. Google has built an app data backup mechanism into the platform, but it is up to the developers of individual apps to use it. Or not, if they can't be bothered. Some apps have their own mechanism, such as WhatsApp, which backs up to Google Drive. However, when restoring, it's hit or miss whether it will detect the presence of a backup, and if it does not, there is no way to force it to recheck after the first startup. Titanium Backup has a UI that is so imposing that I don't recommend it to any but the most confident of technical experts. I'm no Apple fan, but backing up or cloning an iDevice is a joy. So what's the deal? Why is this seemingly core feature still missing from the Android ecosystem?

Comment Re:Inequality (Score 1) 309

I disagree. This article is about the inequality between college CEOs and their poverty stricken counterparts in broader industry. Poor CEOs who only make $177k per year will soon be rioting. When a person's livelihood and dignity is degraded to the point that they are only earning $177k per year, then it is entirely understandable that they would rebel against the system that oppresses them such.

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