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Submission + - Privacy issues and RMA hard drive procedures? 2

An anonymous reader writes: I've just lost a nearly new external 1TB hard drive to click-of-death. Fortunately, I bought it from a local store and I know from previous experience that they are perfectly fine about taking back defective items; it's one of the reasons that I made my purchase at an actual physical chain store. However, I'm worried about the privacy issues connected with RMAing a drive.

The drive was used for back-ups and as a large file dump. Firstly, it's full of old emails, password notes and financial details in addition to unpublished creative stuff. Secondly — and I'll be honest here — it's got some torrents of feature films and TV series that I can't say that I remember remembering to officially pay for. Lastly, there's the 'icky factor' of the thought of people looking through all of my private stuff and my porno stash. What do other people think I should do — trash the drive and keep the enclosure or send it back? Does anyone here know anything about actual RMA procedure and privacy issues?

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