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Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

I took my last dose yesterday and the emotional component kicked in, felt like a break up. I'm starting to feel the gnarling biting from within an the desire to lash out for no apparent reason then break down sobbing. It's pretty fucked, I'm starting to shake as I type this, missing keys.

Last Monday was the worst it's been so far and sunday seems to be the calm before the storm.

Comment Re:Too much to express here, but (Score 2) 463

Humans want to succeed and have a successful lineage, they want to build things, they want to tinker with things, they want to learn things, and they want to do so without oppression. This is an instinctual set of principles which led to Humans becoming the top of the Food chain.

That doesn't mean our social systems make us the 'most fit' to survive ourselves.

This is not limited to today, but a historical normal. No opportunity for self and family advancements leads to unrest and revolt. Just like all other Utopian dreams, the dream of the lazy human doing nothing while robots do all the work will not succeed.

Just because people *can* be lazy doesn't mean they *will* be lazy. Lazy is boring and lazy people don't exactly make it to the top of the food chain. I work 8 hours a day to be able to work on my ambitions which is the other half. If I didn't *have* to work I would spend my time working on my ambitions, but I would have the freedom for a little more time for surfing and exercise.

How will it work if you have 90% unemployment? Simple, it won't be that way for long. You will have massive unrest, and all of the horrors that would entail.

Have you considered what happens if that 90% of people had their basic food shelter and medical needs provided and could choose any education they qualified for? What if we usher in a post-scarcity society with AI and that allows people freedom to start solving the problems humanity faces? What if it is 90% education instead?

How do we know how many Einsteins have died of starvation in Africa or are sleeping under bridges in any of our cities?

I'm not going to rehash the Nobel Prize winning economist I mentioned in my first post. Read them, study them, and learn from them. "Capitalism and Freedom" is a must read for anyone who wishes to discuss economic theory.

Economic "Theory" is based on 19th century understanding of thermodynamics and whilst I will read the book (and thank you for the recommendation) I think it is the fresh paint job on a house of legal structures that are falling apart. All of these systems have delivered failure due to their inherent susception to corruption. The rich and the poor are free to sleep under bridges.

We are at the end of the Industrial Age and Captialism, Communism, Socialism (isms everywhere!), left and right politics are all, therefore, obsolete concepts. Hawking internal prejudices are based on the parameters of a thinker extrapolating the conditional thinking imposed by the Industrial Age. An age that suppresses the ideas that drive human advancement using patents so that market advantages can be maintain. Complete corruption of ideas that challenge capital, THAT is the crowning achievement of capitalism.

The very fact that we are talking about an AIs place in society is the very thing that ushers in this new reality. It's part of the culture shock that people are experiencing fatigue from the empty promises the 20th Century isms. It's the 21st Century and that societal change can either be imposed or controlled but it cannot be stopped.

Comment Re:Not mine. (Score 1) 463

That's why they love politicians who talk endlessly about corporate tax cuts (heck, I've seen some people argue corporations shouldn't pay tax at all, and now you know why), but at some point, automation is going to mean corporate tax bills are going to go up.

It would be interesting to offer corporations zero tax if they are then exposed to the *full* liability of their decisions. Unlimited liability.

The corporation only got limited liability because they served a purpose in the community, for example to build a railway, because it is what the community wanted. Over the years they were afforded other benefits like "personhood" and the ability to expand their charter.

That corporations have a legal obligation to create a profit for their shareholder make it impossible for them to do anything that does not benefit it's profits. Expecting them to behave differently would be asking the board to break the law because even if they want to address community concerns they are obliged to put shareholder profits first. For that reason it is a parasitic legal construct whose structure and purpose in society should be evaluated.

Consider this: A corporation is a legal entity driven by people to make money. Look at how destructive humans have been driving this flawed construct which is destructive because *WE* make it so. Now imagine the same thing being run by a set of co-operating AIs. It is not the AI that is destructive, it is the legal structures *WE* have created that make destructive behavior.

If we are going to have AIs in our society we have to have moment of introspection about what sort of society we want to be, simply because AIs will amplify all human flaws. Technology is a gift that can work for or against us.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

So after ruining so many lives, the whole massive money machine is slowly being whittled away. Good f'ing riddance.

It really shows the 'state of control' has no concern for the populous and will instead make laws to increase their power for political reasons no matter how much harm it does to the community.

By the way, if your pain has an inflammation component, you should try fish oil if you don't already take it.

I have taken it in the past as it helps keep me limber and sleep for training - wow more excellent advice, I will pick that back up. This is my sincere gratitude...

A brain is a terrible thing to waste... Mind? That's debatable. :)

Have you ever listened to 'Them Crooked Vultures'? this song is called Mind Eraser, No Chaser and has your sig in the lyrics, I hope you enjoy it :)

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

The pain is really kicking in now the opiates are wearing off and it was interesting what article said about it, I'll be taking that into consideration as I slowly increase exercise and that will help with the mind games, so thank you. I've been going for walks and runs as the side effects kick in as I figure that if I have to take over my breathing I may as well be because of deliberate exertion.

I didn't know that about Nixon either, I thought it was because rayon wanted to sell nylon? I'm not surprised, what is it they say, "this is why we can't have nice things."

Thanks Dr John, I'll chip away at that report.

Comment Re:I don't mean to belittle this (Score 1) 177

I'm getting tired about the dumbness of the /. crowd.

There is no such thing as a dumb question.

I think intolerance of ignorance is not unreasonable however intolerance of curiosity is the death of learning. If you can't answer a reasonable question with grace befitting your intellect then just don't waste your energy and my time.

The amount of heat is always the same. Regardless if you convert/extract 1% or 100% into electricity.

Thanks for the information, I see what you mean. That doesn't tell me how many joules of heat is produced to generate 1Gwh of electricity.

In relation to the insolation by he sun, all heat mankind produces and releases into the atmosphere is so low you can't even measure it.

I asked how much heat do *we* pump into the environment? because I'm curious to know how much it is. I'm not looking to measure it and estimate would be fine.

Aircondition ... aircondition? Except for the US, no one is using such absurd amounts of energy for AC.

That sounds like a pretty big assumption.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 4, Interesting) 560

I've been on opiates after spine surgery, I can't stand them. I discussed with my doctor that I use THC to control pain and happy to put me me onto a lower opiate dose. I had previous experience using it when I had to recover from achillies tendon snapped playing soccer (It was a fucking awesome goal though and the decider in the last minute).

As I've been withdrawing from opiates I've been using THC to calm the symptoms that oscillate through many unpleasantries - sweating (like breaking a flu), headaches, nausea, waking up suddenly from not having my autonomous breathing working which really scares the shit out of me, clawing from inside my chest, weird emotions, it's taken almost 6 weeks to get this far. symptoms last from 3-6 hours twice a day. Almost there.

I also experienced a head injury where it went the other way and my body simply rejected THC, I could not put that to my lips. My use of THC for pain control is much higher than my recreational use was and as I find myself healing I come to a point where I don't want it anymore and then I stop. The withdrawal symptoms are a few weeks of crazy dreams (which can be a little fun) headaches, moody.

I can completely accept that there might be consequences for using THC as much as I accept them for alcohol for recreation. Tobacco kills, when used as directed but people can still choose that. It's so frustrating, like being treated like a child.

If they legalise it maybe we can take it apart and find out what other things it is useful for and what the dangers are.

Comment Re:I don't mean to belittle this (Score 1) 177

I don't want to belittle this because India is one of the places where solar actually makes sense. But even there its capacity factor is...

not relevant.

What is relevant is the Availability Factor. Solar power is available at its peak precisely when additional electrical capacity is required for air conditioning during the day. Which is why solar is appropriate for any city where the sun shines and air conditioning is required. India are taking the lead and good on them for doing so, they deserve our applause.

If anything it makes *more* sense to use solar during the day time when additional energy is required for air conditioning as opposed to using nuclear or coal that both require cooling precisely when it's hot and water levels are lower and warmer. For a start there is less of a temperature difference when water temperatures are higher so that must affect plant efficiency, so why does it make sense to use a finite resource like U or C for a transitory event like daytime when solar is AVAILABLE for air conditioning during the day? All it means is we use a bit less coal or nuclear capacity

Another thing I was considering, if we forget carbon for a moment, how much heat do we pump into the environment? If a state of the art coal plant is 35-40% efficient, how much heat is being produced to create 1Gw of electricity? How many joules are in a tornado? How many joules for all of the power generation facilities on the west coast of the US? What fraction of a tornado is it?

So let's go back to solar again, 25-30% efficient? Taking some heat out of the environment itself, but also stopping the heat and carbon from coal or the heat from nuclear going into the environment. Here is a thought, what if using solar on the grid improves a Nuclear reactor's service life because it less UTILIZED. Here's another, how much carbon would we take out of the environment because solar is AVAILABLE when it is needed for air conditioners because it's hot outside. Isn't this just obvious, eveywhere it get hot?

Shouldn't we adapt?

Comment Re:To big to fail? (Score 2) 300

I love how people who tout solar and wind as "clean" are actually a form of NIMBY because they don't mind all of the strip-mining at slave wages for all of the rare earth minerals that have to me mined and transported to build them. Let alone all of the pollution created during that process.

Then you should look into the Nuclear Industry's mining practices. Radon from mine tailing polluting waterways. Acid leech mining that leaves behind megalitres of radioactive sulphuric acid. Really bad stuff.

Slaves are bad, but killing the entire village is worse.

1st-world countries should be capable of running nuclear power without serious problems if their governments actually demanded quality. (That is, if you already have nuclear bombs, there's ZERO rational argument against nuclear power. I'm not suggesting proliferation of more weaponry.)

There are oodles of reasons why nuclear is a bad idea. Here is the peer reviewed science regarding the absence of any energetic return from nuclear power.

The story of Fukushima is a failure of government to regulate greedy corporations, not an inherent failure of technology.

No it isn't. It is a story of collusion, corruption and criminal negligence. Also of the human species inherent inability to operate it safely with organizational systems.

I'll never understand why slashdotters claim to love technology and "science" but eschew one of the greatest advances in the history of mankind.

Because the more you understand the many aspects, not just the reactors, but the mining, the enrichment, how radionuclide bio-accumulate, long term waste storage, decommissioning the reactors and demolishing them safely, the political, finance, legal and insurance issues, the materials technology issues, issues of scaling and developing the technology we find that whilst the technology is amazing, it's also ultimately pointless - that's why.

Because if we don't get all those things right, every time then it slowly destroys the human genome over time through transgenic disease. We have *one* biosphere adapted to human life, radionuclides decay in geological timeframes and once they are in the environment they cannot be removed. They are in the food chain.

Because if you survive the hype about nuclear power and dig down through the layers of PR and understand all that, then you find nuclear power is inherently kleptoparasitic and future generations will have to deal with a radiological legacy from our generation the same way we have to deal with a carbon legacy from previous generations.

I think people are starting wake up to the fact that we can adversely affect future generations and ask questions about how we avoid killing our descendants.

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