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Comment Yahoo was much better before they went commercial (Score 1) 401

The Yahoo Web Directory was a great tool. as Yahoo went commercial the company deviated so far from it's roots that it became just another search engine plauged with fake news and celebrity gossip crap. So.. because of that Google became my web tool.

Google is becoming annoying. I'm hoping the Verizon / Yahoo deal falls through and somehow Yahoo regroups, finds it's roots and becomes the
useful internet directory that it once was. Drop the dumb celebrity crap, drop the sponsored fake news..

If the founders of Yahoo were in charge, and they stayed with a technical focus rather than fake news and celebrity gossip I think Yahoo would still be a viable business today.


Comment The US is quickly devolving into a socialistic... (Score 3, Insightful) 780

police state! It's time to stand up for what we believe in. It's time for our voices to be heard. We can't be passive citizens anymore. As each week passes we loose more and more of our rights as American Citizens.

I think we should seriously design an underground internet, just in case we need it.

I'm going to a "tea party" gathering on July 4th.

Comment They are scamming people by selling ... (Score 1) 883

hey.. have your driven by your local shell station?
WTF is with the Nitrogen enriched fuel they are selling? Big deal.. they are blowing air bubbles into fuel, this means you are buying less gasoline because the air bubble are taking up some volume.

When I buy gasoline I will but it minus the nitrogen enrichment. I'll let my engine aspirate on it's own. ... if I want more I'll add a cold air induction system.. hmm. that might be a cool summer project :)

It would be interesting to compare the MPG of Shell vs. Mobil

nevermind citgo or gulf.. I get terrible mpg with that.. 26mpg, with Mobil I get 30mpg.


Homeland Security Department Testing "Pre-Crime" Detector 580

holy_calamity writes "New Scientist reports that the Department of Homeland Security recently tested something called Future Attribute Screening Technologies (FAST) — a battery of sensors that determine whether someone is a security threat from a distance. Sensors look at facial expressions, body heat and can measure pulse and breathing rate from a distance. In trials using 140 volunteers those told to act suspicious were detected with 'about 78% accuracy on mal-intent detection, and 80% on deception,' says a DHS spokesman."

Mars Rover's Epic Trek For the Crater Endeavor 145

Smivs writes "The BBC reports that NASA is to send its Mars rover Opportunity on a two-year trek to try to reach a crater called Endeavour. The robot will have to move about 11km to get to its new target — a distance that would double what it has already achieved on the planet. Endeavour is much bigger than anything investigated to date, and will allow a broader range of rocks to be studied. Detailed satellite imagery from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will help pick out the best route ahead; and new software recently uploaded to Opportunity will enable the rover to make its own decisions about how best to negotiate large rocks in its path. Opportunity has just emerged from the 800m-wide Victoria Crater. Endeavour, by comparison, is 22km across."

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