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Submission + - Solar activity predicted to fall 60% in 2030s

sycodon writes: A new model of the Sun's solar cycle is producing unprecedentedly accurate predictions of irregularities within the Sun's 11-year heartbeat. The model draws on dynamo effects in two layers of the Sun, one close to the surface and one deep within its convection zone. Predictions from the model suggest that solar activity will fall by 60 per cent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the 'mini ice age' that began in 1645.

Submission + - First laser gun shoot casualty ever reported

An anonymous reader writes: The head of police office of Johnson City (Texas) reported that some hours ago took place the first ever reported worldwide, death by -laser firearm- (sic) resulting in a drug store robbery attempt. A witness of the action just simply commented: "No noise at all, it was silent .. but shortly after the -shot- it started to smell like some meat was burning".
All slashdotters will certainly remember the ./ story submitted in 2011 here (this is it!).

Submission + - remove a tree (

An anonymous reader writes: There are certain rules and regulations which govern any tree removal process. Therefore, it is important to understand these rules and regulations to avoid unnecessary fines which might be accompanied by breaking any of them.

Submission + - U.S. Central Command Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Accounts Hacked by ISIS (

PseudoCoder writes: From The Blaze:

The avatar and background image for @CENTCOM was overtaken with the words “CyberCaliphate” and “I love you ISIS,” and the account put out a number of threatening tweets to U.S. military members... U.S. Central Command’s YouTube account was overtaken with the same pro-Islamic State avatar and several videos.

From The Weekly Standard:

The hacker is claiming to be ISIS — and claimg to have personal information of U.S. military personnel.


Submission + - Watch Out For Fake Windows Domains (

netcacker writes: A post on CircleID is referring to findings by some security experts about several windows related domain names being registered using the letter 'v' twice back to back for 'w'. The focus seems to be on Windows update downloads. Group involved is reported to be affiliated with the infamous VxGame Trojan. Registered names include a new site called vvindowsupdate(dot)com — that's a double 'v' that can look very confusingly similar to 'w' with certain fonts.

Submission + - Sony's Vaio RM1N quad-core PC Vs Macbook Pro

Al Stinton writes: If you need to do some hardcore video editing, then look no further than the Sony Vaio RM1N quad-core PC. has a photo story of this graphics monster that is one of the first consumer desktop PCs to use an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU clocked at 2.4GHz. "In other words, it's fast — very fast. It offers 2GB of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS graphics card and 1TB of hard disk space... Obviously this thing's designed for high-definition video editing. We let our own video monkeys have a go on it and they virtually drooled over the thing. Not once did they mention the Apple Mac Pro, which is pretty remarkable." So what would you go for?

Submission + - Northrup Grumman Buys Scaled Composites

Sam Allen writes: It appears that Scaled Composites' new SpaceShipTwo design is so well regarded by Northrop Grumman that it decided to buy 100 percent of the company. Does this mean that Northrop Grumman will put more capital behind the venture to make public space flight happen sooner, or is it merely performing a CYA maneuveur? Burt Rutan has a vision and I doubt that he would sell out unless it would make that vision happen quicker.

Submission + - Google Streetview Camera Car Fleet Ready To Go (

An anonymous reader writes: A camera-toting tipster saw what appeared to be a giant armada of Chevy Cobalt cars in the Google parking lot, getting ready to take pictures of the entire world (or thereabouts) with special 360 cameras. The tipster says he followed a Google camera van as it cruised back to its Mountain View, California lair yesterday after that van finished a session of picture taking for Google's Streetview navigation site, and exactly what did he see there?

Submission + - A new Worm for Your Apple (Rape.osx) (

SkiifGeek writes: "Controversy is slowly building over the development of a new worm that targets OS X systems, dubbed 'Rape.osx'. Using a currently undisclosed vulnerability in mDNSResponder, the worm gives access to root as it spreads across the local network. As with a number of recent Apple-related security discoveries, the author, InfoSec Sellout, is delaying reporting of the vulnerability to Apple until after completing full testing of the worm.

While the worm has yet to leave a testing environment (with 1,500 OS X systems), it is bound to join the likes of Inqtana and Leap as known OS X malware."


Submission + - PHP versus Microsoft - A Comparison (

AlHark writes: "I do ask that you read this article with an open mind, and consider that it is quite possible that PHP is no better or worse than I have become weary of the whole PHP is superior to debate. I believe after reading you may find that has a lot to offer you as a developer, maybe more so than PHP.

We as business persons evaluate technology based on its merits, not on what software vendors claim. We look at the nuts and bolts of the technology and what it can and can't do. This article should not be construed as PHP bashing, it is far from that. What it does is debunk several PHP myths and shows that can do what PHP does and then some. If PHP could do what we needed, we would of course use it.

However does what we need and therefore we use it. I have been polling website owners as to why they prefer PHP or hosting. Most of the answers that I have been getting are: PHP hosting is cheaper, PHP programming tools are free, PHP is more secure, and PHP is faster. Read the full comparison at Allen Harkleroad blog."

Linux Business

Submission + - Torvalds Says GPLv3 Backers Full Of "Hot Air&# (

AlexGr writes: "Last week Paul McDougall wrote in InformationWeek that Linux creator Linus Torvalds called advocates of the Free Software Foundation's GPLv3 license "hypocrites." A few readers complained he had not provided a complete picture of Torvald's feelings. They were right. Linus also thinks FSF leaders are "controlling," "condescending," and full of "hot air." And he's got more choice words for GPLv3 itself. 2007/07/the_linus_files.html"

Submission + - Gott: Get to Mars Before 2053 Or Else (

An anonymous reader writes: The NY Times has a piece in which J. Richard Gott III claims we most likely have only 46 years remaining to get off the planet, and that other possible civilizations in the galaxy missed the window. From the article: "The sobering facts," Dr. Gott says, "are that in a 13.7 billion-year-old universe, we've only been around 200,000 years, and we're only on one tiny planet. The Copernican answer to Enrico Fermi's famous question — Where are the extraterrestrials? — is that a significant fraction must be sitting on their home planets." tml?_r=1&8dpc&oref=slogin

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