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Submission + - RoboCop Is Real (

An anonymous reader writes: While machines from the likes of RoboCop and Chappie might just be the reserve of films for now, this new type of robot is already fighting crime. This particular example can be found guarding a shopping center in California but there are other machines in operation all over the state. Equipped with self-navigation, infra-red cameras and microphones that can detect breaking glass the robots, designed by Knightscope, are intended to support security services. Stacy Dean Stephens, who came up with the idea, told The Guardian the problem that needed solving was one of intelligence. "And the only way to gain accurate intelligence is through eyes and ears," he said. "So, we started looking at different ways to deploy eyes and ears into situations like that."

Submission + - Google Patents Self-Driving Car That Glues People To The Hood In A Crash (

An anonymous reader writes: Google just got a patent for a special kind of coating on self-driving cars that could help prevent pedestrian injuries. The company wants to coat autonomous vehicles with a sticky substance so that if they hit a pedestrian, the person would be glued to the car instead of flying off. "[The pedestrian] is not thrown from the vehicle, thereby preventing a secondary impact between the pedestrian and the road surface or other object," says the patent, granted on Tuesday. Google explains that an "adhesive layer" would be placed on the hood, front bumper and front side panels of a car. A thin coating would protect it until an impact occurred.

Submission + - Ubisoft Points Finger At AMD For Assassin's Creed Unity Poor Performance (

MojoKid writes: Life is hard when you're a AAA publisher. Last month, Ubisoft blamed weak console hardware for the troubles it had bringing Assassin's Creed Unity up to speed, claiming that it could've hit 100 FPS but for weak console CPUs. Now, in the wake of the game's disastrous launch, the company has changed tactics — suddenly, all of this is AMD's fault. An official company forum post currently reads: "We are aware that the graphics performance of Assassin's Creed Unity on PC may be adversely affected by certain AMD CPU and GPU configurations. This should not affect the vast majority of PC players, but rest assured that AMD and Ubisoft are continuing to work together closely to resolve the issue, and will provide more information as soon as it is available." There are multiple problems with this assessment. First, there's no equivalent Nvidia-centric post on the main forum, and no mention of the fact that if you own an Nvidia card of any vintage but a GTX 970 or 980, you're going to see less-than ideal performance. According to sources, the problem with Assassin's Creed Unity is that the game is issuing tens of thousands of draw calls — up to 50,000 and beyond, in some cases. This is precisely the kind of operation that Mantle and DirectX 12 are designed to handle, but DirectX 11, even 11.2, isn't capable of efficiently processing that many calls at once. It's a fundamental limit of the API and it kicks in harshly in ways that adding more CPU cores simply can't help with.

Submission + - SPAM: Do you know the three main causes of prostatitis for teenagers

Darly1234 writes: It is known that middle-aged people are most likely to suffer from prostatitis. However, according to the report, teenagers have become the high-risk groups of prostatitis. The followings are the three main causes of prostatitis for teenagers.

First, most teenagers usually have the experience of Holding back urine which is easy to cause prostatitis. For example, they are too busy playing to have piss; they wouldn’t like to urinate in the cold winter; they are so focus on watching TV and listening stories that they are unwilling to have urination. It is probable for them to lead to prostatitis.

Second, for some teenagers with redundant prepuce, they are more likely to cause balanitis and urethritis. Due to redundant prepuce, inflammation of balanitis and urethritis can flow back to prostate from the open urethral canal and ejaculatory duct, which is the main cause of prostatitis. It is reported that the youngest teenager of prostatitis was 12 years old.

Third, there is a common secret for boys and girls in adolescence that is masturbation. As we all know that masturbation means one uses the hand to fondle his pudendum in order to be satisfied on the psychological.

In fact, it is common to have occasional masturbation, which can’t bring harm to people’s mind and body, because people with occasional masturbation are hard to have the symptoms of decreased food appetite, mental burnout, tetraparesis. However, the bad habit of frequent masturbation not only can cause diseases like prostatitis, but also lead to sexual dysfunction that can severely affect the physical and psychological health.

Therefore, if teenagers are too absorbed in masturbation, it is to cause lasting congestion of prostate while congestion is the symptom of infection. At last, they have to face the problems of prostatitis.

All in all, it is the tendency that more and more teenagers have been confused by prostatitis. Therefore, once diagnosis, they have to take suitable treatment in time. Considering the damage of antibiotics for teenagers, it is suggested that they’d better take TCM like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill without any side effect. Besides, diuretic anti-inflammatory pill, which is made from pure natural herbs, can cure prostatitis once and for all.

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