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Comment Re:$37,584.00 (Score 1) 177

It depends on the country and the laws. I am not from the US.

In my country the tax is withheld by the company from the dividend payment.

And it was a single example of why profit is not always the most important thing. It example still holds if you can run it in reverse.

So in other words your post is tangential and pointless.

Comment Re: $37,584.00 (Score 1) 177

Ok. You win. I give up. Feel free to miss the point entirely. This is a complete and utter waste of my time.

I took pains to describe in my previous post this was NOT A THEORY but an insight into WHAT ACTUALLY GOES ON for most investors evaluating ANY stock. Whether YOU or I think Musk deserves it or not is entirely irrelevant to the discussion - the stock price will dictate that.

Holy Christ...beating your head against a brick wall really hurts...

Also...if you are an investor and think that "faith" (FFS!) is required in an investment decision then you are doing it wrong!

Comment Re: $37,584.00 (Score 1) 177

Then your evidence is crap.

It is more complicated than that.

Accumulating debt for expansion can increase the value of the company and thus the stock price. (buy new factory for new sales which increases sales by more than total cost of loan)

It can also be neutral. (buy plant with debt that roughly equates to value added or pay back a loan)

It can also be a disaster. (invest heavily in something that does not work out)

Decisions can be good and bad.

Not sure how to make this more obvious or simpler so I will not try further. Feel free to use your own advice for your own investments however.

Comment Re:$37,584.00 (Score 5, Interesting) 177

Investors, at least the smart ones, are not primarily interested in profits.

They are interested in growth. A company that has zero growth potential and a stable profit paid in dividends can be far less attractive than a company posting losses with massive potential growth potential. Especially when capital gains taxes are a factor as they are in the US.
This is not always the case depending on your circumstances but most often is.

Remember the finance 101 law that states share price increases are always better than dividends because with share increases you can choose to sell some of your shares and get the same effect as dividends should you want it.

Also remember that, theoretically, share price is a combination of current company value with future growth potential and risk factored in. (hence why most stocks are valued far in excess of their book value) Risk is mitigated by investors across their portfolios (unless they are idiots) and in fact they would WANT them to take risks for the potential gains.

So yes, government and company books are nothing like personal accounts.

With government books it is wise to save during booms and spend like crazy during crashes to help smooth the economic cycle and prevent depressions. Completely counter intuitive to personal spending.

Comment Re:HoloLens vs Vive?! (Score 3, Insightful) 53

I don't think they are directly comparable. This is apples and pears. (not oranges as the concepts are somewhat related)

I think there is a place for both - in fact I am not sure why so many people are missing this as it seem blatantly obvious to me. Hell, maybe in the distant future there will be a single device capable of both.
In fact I find arguments that are merely penis measuring competitions between the two to be wholly ridiculous.

Having said that, if you compare the PROMISE of the technology compared to the implementation I would say that it is clear that MS AR is the one severely lacking. Especially when one considers their marketing hype versus the reality. VR is living up to its tech promise - I am ignoring price here as this is irrelevant to my point.

But again, these are two separate technologies that have overlap but in practice have very different application.

Comment Re:Scathing (Score 1) 177

Actually I do take it well. In fact people comment on this. I am more than happy to accept when I am wrong. I am an academic at heart which I credit to the 7 years I taught at university.

But taking criticism well does NOT mean accepting some random persons demonstrably incorrect and patronizing assumptions as fact (I even took the time to explain why) and allowing them sit in a cloud of smugness pretending they have all the answers when they clearly do not.

If it bothers you that I used a passionate rebuttal to the original poster then that is your problem to deal with. I was responding to his snide post in kind while not detracting from the main point which I would firmly argue was the correct way to deal with it. It certainly deserved it.

I then responded in kind to your incredibly incorrect premises and snarky, patronizing tone in kind also. While pretending to be "classy" can make the small minded feel superior I am a firm believer that sometimes you just have to whack a fool when he deserves it - be that intellectually or otherwise.

I also turn 40 this year....so wrong yet again buddy.

How wrong can one person be before they just admit defeat?! The mind boggles.

This ridiculousness conversation is over for me now but feel free to have that last word you were pretending you don't care about...

Comment Re:Scathing (Score 1) 177

You are correct, what I was saying wasn't stupid at all. In fact it was very intelligent and somewhat amusing.

Psychotic: relating to, denoting, or suffering from a psychosis
Psychosis: a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

Since this was a metaphor and not a diagnosis I stand by my words 100%. I was (correctly) implying that he was detracted from reality and acting irrationally.

It also just so happens I have a degree in psychology among other things.

I NEVER write ANYTHING to score "points". I say what I think. Usually after much thought on the topic but not always because I am human.

I am not sure how much more wrong you could be but I imagine it would take herculean effort to achieve such.

But nice try guy - please play again sometime.

Comment Re:Scathing (Score 5, Insightful) 177

Not that I want to interrupt the flow of your psychotic and irrational ranting...but...

Were one to be strategically releasing things one would want to release something a little juicy at the beginning to wet the appetite and begin the story you are trying to tell. (i.e. leading to the sacking of corrupt DNC head)

Then fill the middle with the less interesting stuff so it will be reported, continue momentum as possible and create an ongoing story. In marketing it is important to at least double tap the consumer - one impression is too easily forgettable. Remember the media and general public are like a child with ADHD - keeping their attention is difficult and they are easily distracted by shiny, disingenuous, prepackaged speeches.

Once all that is out of the way one might end with a bang in a final awesome explosion of fireworks as the Demo convention closes. Maybe more than one if one had them.

Now I have no evidence that they have any evidence that might lead to this. But likewise you have no evidence that they do not.

So I guess what I am saying is that you are going off half cocked while acting like a cock crowing far too early and likely to end up under the farmer's axe when your irrational ranting is shown to be just that...

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