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Submission + - Evolution not as Plausible as Hell Say Americans (businesswire.com)

Bagsc writes: It's official: America is going to hell. A new Harris poll this week shows that 62% of Americans believe in hell, while only 42% believe in the theory of natural selection. This is about the same proportion who believe in ghosts (41%) and creationism (39%). Do Americans just not believe in science? From the article: "While many of these numbers for people who hold these beliefs are the same or little changed from 2005, the overall trend is upwards with slightly more people believing in miracles, angels and witches than did so two years ago."

Feed news.com: Leopard: Is it worth the upgrade? (news.com)

Don Reisinger tackles Mac OS X Leopard and helps you decide if an upgrade is in order. And while he can't stand "early and often" OS upgrades, his final recommendation may surprise you.
The Internet

Submission + - Internet traffic measurement tools all flawed (venturebeat.com)

Bayscribe writes: "When respected traffic measurement company Comscore released data several days ago showing that Facebook's U.S. visitors dropped more than 9.3 percent last month, it sparked widespread disbelief. Facebook responded by released its own numbers which showed Comscore to be wrong. A subsequent analysis of Comscore and the other main traffic measurement sites — Compete, Quantcast, Hitwise and Alexa — suggest that all suffer from serious bias problems, in part coming from the panel approach used by many of them. A crisis in confidence in the advertising industry may be a consequence."
United States

Journal Journal: Rockefeller Taking Telco Money As He Pushes Their Immunity

Think Telco execs don't think they did anything wrong complying with the government's warrantless wiretap requests, well take a look at to whom they're donating their money.

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-West Virignia) has found himself on the receiving end of 10s of thousands in donations from telephone company executives this year. A level of donation that is is stark contrast to an previous year.

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