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Comment Re:Both, of course (Score 1) 468

I'm going to die anyway - it makes no difference to me if it happens at age 60 or 70.

I'm sorry to hear that you value your life so little.

(Or perhaps you're just very young...your opinion may change when you're 60. Family lore has a story about my grandmother going to nursing school when she was 50, and some snot-nosed young brat in her geriatric medicine class saying, "I just hope I live to be 50, by then I will have done everything I want." Grandma, bless her, gave that kid an rapid education.)

I am of the opinion that insurance is unnecessary for young healthy people (below age 60), since the odds of getting sick are about the same as the odds of winning the lottery. i.e. Near-zero.

You are wrong by several orders of magnitude.

Odds of winning hitting the jackpot in a 6/49 Lotto: 1 in 13,983,816.

Odds of getting cancer before age 40: 1 in 70 for men, 1 in 50 for women.

I consider MY view to be the more intelligent one and since this is a "free" country, I am entitled to the view.

Yes, you are entitled to that view. As I have demonstrated, it is based on hideously wrong assumptions, but you're entitled to it anyway. And I am entitled to the view that "Tax policy is giving you an incentive to behave more intelligently". Great, now that we've affirmed each other's rights of belief and speech...what's your point?

Comment Re:Still Cheaper Than Ridiculously Expensive AT&am (Score 1) 182

Ive never had any isssues with them and had them for four years. As far as pricing sprint is by far cheaper than att. I know just comparing my current plan with the one my SO was on before she switched to a sprint data plan. Just for 450min+texting att was already 30$ more expensive, then tag on the extra 15$ or so in fees that att pulls out of its ass while sprint only pulls out 5. It starts to add up pretty quick in a comparison.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 315

Try renaming c:\windows\system32\drivers\intelppm.sys to something else when that happens on a system with an AMD processor.

A lot of lazy OEMs ship an image with support for both intel and amd processors (which are normally detected by setup). Installation of the service pack causes that intel power management driver to load, and AMD machines blue screen.

I check for that file on AMD systems before installing a service pack, but it can be renamed after the blue screen if you boot to Safe Mode (where it won't load). Reboot normally and the service pack install will complete (you'll be at that "Please Wait..." screen with the windows logo on it)

Comment Re:good idea there, buddy (Score 1) 352

Sarcasm aside, here's Title 18 Sec 2257(a), explaining where the section applies:

(a) Whoever produces any book, magazine, periodical, film, videotape, digital image, digitally- or computer-manipulated image of an actual human being, picture, or other matter which—
  - (1) contains one or more visual depictions made after November 1, 1990 of actual sexually explicit conduct; and
  - (2) is produced in whole or in part with materials which have been mailed or shipped in interstate or foreign commerce, or is shipped or transported or is intended for shipment or transportation in interstate or foreign commerce;
shall create and maintain individually identifiable records pertaining to every performer portrayed in such a visual depiction.

If it's not an image of "sexually explicit conduct," Sec 2257 doesn't apply. "Sexually explicit conduct" is defined by Sec 2256(2)(A) as actual or simulated:
(i) sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex;
(ii) bestiality;
(iii) masturbation;
(iv) sadistic or masochistic abuse; or
(v) lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of any person;

Mere presence of nudity or otherwise unmasked genitalia does not itself require these records be kept. Unless you're doing something that will get you arrested for indecent exposure anyway, none of this applies to people going through the scanner.

Comment Re:Turbo button comming back? (Score 1) 198

No, this is automatic at the hardware level -- not a manual switch. In fact, it's more or less useless on desktop machines (as someone excellently explained above) since the speed improvements are small. On laptops with >2 cores, however, it seems to be very, very nice. A fairly easy way to have both reasonably powerful parallel processing with multiple cores, fairly fast single-thread processing, and not creating a level of heat that could damage components.

Also, if you're overclocking a desktop (which is insanely easy on any modern chip), it'll probably be the first thing you turn off. Boosting the speed in one core unpredictably can both cause instabilities at higher overclocks and is even more pointless than normal, as you're almost certain to get much higher speeds at all times out of the chip than it would have run at even with the highest 'turbo' mode at default settings.

Comment Re:DRM (Score 1) 376

why does that matter?

Because it's potentially an area of significant savings.

the consumer wanted the content... that is what it cost to create.

That doesn't mean it couldn't have been created for a lot less.

some individuals are more talented than others.

Payscales don't reflect talent, they reflect popularity.

Comment Cable TV and internet can be unbundled (Score 1) 502

I didn't have any problems signing up for cable internet by itself. There wasn't even an installation fee.

I did eventually get cable TV several months later but ended up dropping it when I realized I was paying over $800 a year for something I hardly watched. There wasn't any problem with that either.

Comment Re:More information please... (Score 1) 53

That should be a pretty easy win on the anti-abortion/anti-gay-rights motion right there, right? So why then would the republicans automatically assume Puerto Rico to be a loss?

A racist assumption that Latinos are statistically democrats? Actually, New Mexico, with the highest percentage of Hispanics, and as a result, Catholics. Yet Hispanics still generally vote more towards Democrats than Republicans.

The problem is that while a lot of individual beliefs align, Republicans tend to push what can be perceived as racist ideas, such as English-only ideas.

The idea of "English only" will fail even worse once we have a state where 90% are Spanish-only speakers.

Comment Re:Timescales, timescales... (Score 3, Informative) 139

Heavy metals are a special nuisance because its the atom, not the molecule, that is of concern. There are a lot of ghastly poisons and unpleasant pollutants that turn into a mixture of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and maybe a dash of phosphorus, nitrogen, an whatnot, if you burn them hard enough, or if some clever bacterium gets to them. Heavy metals aren't one of them.

Barring the development of a bacterium clever enough to catalyze nuclear fission, though, heavy metals aren't going anywhere. Best case scenario, they are(either through organic or inorganic processes) converted into relatively biologically inactive forms, and get incorporated into sediments and just sort of sit there. Worst case, they remain in highly bioavailable forms and float around the food chain wreaking havoc of various flavors.

I'm not an expert; but my understanding is that bacteria and other organisms can cut both ways on this. Some(either by happenstance, or as an evolved measure to protect their own biological systems) have chemical means of binding heavy metals into relatively inoffensive molecules. Others make things worse(from our perspective). There are a number of types of bacteria that can convert mercury(hardly salubrious; but less offensive than its reputation would suggest) into methylmercury(substantially nastier).

Comment Re:Last I checked... (Score 1) 123

Nope, modern highschools in america consider 3 hours of homework per class per day to be reasonable. I averaged a couple papers, about 100-150 algebra problems, and a stack of worksheets.

READING was assigned on a weekly basis though, which usually meant you could get away with 100-200 pages per week depending on how long your book's chapters were.

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