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Comment Re: In other news. scrambling eggs creates chicken (Score 1) 288

I have an alarm clock that repeats once every 5 minutes after the set time until you silence it. Once in a dream I heard the alarm & then heard it again about 10 subjective minutes later after having done some other random things (that would in reality take more than 10 minutes, but of course, dreams can be unrealistic). When I woke up, I saw that the alarm had only gone off twice, so I definitely perceived the time span differently rather than just missing an alarm in the middle.

Of course, getting engrossed in something (especially something that gets progressively faster, like certain video games) can give a subjective speedup while awake, too.

Comment Re:Billing address? (Score 1) 110

Which works great until the government splits a zip code. Then it takes years for some merchants to decide the new zip code is valid, & until then, transactions that attempt to verify zip code fail—either enter the right zip & get rejected by the merchant or the wrong one & get rejected by the bank. (That actually happened to me at a gas station once.)

Comment Re:It's a placebo Re:oh no (Score 1) 297

Actually, it seems they work (at least for IBS) even if you are explicitly told it is a placebo: Placebos without Deception: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Although possibly not as well...it does not seem that study had a group that received a placebo without being told (just the group that was told & the group that received no treatment at all).

Comment Re:Is this string theory again? (Score 1) 164

String theory is mentioned in a few places, but there do not seem to be any equations involving actual vibrating strings, but only things derived from string theory. AdS/CFT does come from string theorists, but is actually a conjecture (at least, so says Wikipedia) about how certain string theories may be equivalent to certain theories based on the usual sort of non-stringy quantum fields. While they claim a connection to string theory, it seems plausible that some other underlying theory could end up satisfying the same entropy bounds & thus be subject to the paper's arguments (if they are in fact correct).

Comment Re: because Photoshop doesn't exist (Score 1) 317

We need a proof that a vote has been correctly counted that cannot be forged (produced without actually including the vote in the total) except by the one who voted. (It needs to be possible for them to forge so that nobody else can trust it.) I am pretty sure there are papers attempting this, but I do not have time right now to check if any of them have succeeded; I would not be surprised if they have (feasibility of implementation notwithstanding).

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 89

The problem is that while quantum superposition can be thought of as "all possible states simultaneously," it is not in general possible to choose properties of the state you get at the end (called "postselection" in the quantum computing literature). All you can do is adjust the probabilities of the different states, & for some problems, we do not know a way to make the desired state likely enough to do any better than a square root improvement in running time over a classical computer. So for that sort of problem, an O(2^n) algorithm would become O(2^(n/2)).

Apart from quantum suicide (which depends on various unproven assumptions & is technically nontrivial even if theoretically possible), there is no known way to do postselection.

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