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Submission + - Will Google Eventually Be Regulated (

Mr. Wok writes: Kernel magazine has an interesting article about Google and its misbehaviors along the years. It also suggests that Google can't continue this for long, but will be indeed regulated in near future. "Google reminds me of Adam, the cute, 100-foot-tall toddler in the 1992 Rick Moranis film, Honey I Blew Up the Kid. In case you missed it, Adam keeps stumbling over buildings, mistakes real cars for toys, and ultimately threatens the existence of Las Vegas". From Street View Wi-Fi snooping to illegal pharma advertising and privacy violations, Google keeps finding innovative new ways to get itself in trouble several times a year. "Google isn’t just collecting information in the abstract, as advertisers have always done; it’s collecting information about you, exactly as if it were listening in to all of your phone calls, peering though your windows to see which books and articles you read, watching you through hidden cameras to see which television shows you watch, following you from shop to shop to track your purchases, and then transcribing all of this information and indexing it for later use and resale. — No private, unregulated company should have the kind of power Google has amassed. To leave power of this magnitude in the hands of corporate executives or, worse yet, inscrutable automated bots – no matter how benign, well-meaning and snoogly-googly they claim to be – is imprudent, if not insane."

Comment Re:What kind of dumbass... (Score 4, Interesting) 250

I have lived there. There's lots of corruption. TPB admin also had huge drug problem, which most likely is why he chose Cambodia. He didn't go there for any kind of political asylum, he went there to hide from Sweden and to use drugs.

Read khrem440 forums or ask any expat living there.. everyone knew about his drug problems. He also lived in an apartment that cost $750 a month. That's huge rent for a country where people earn like $30 a month.

Comment Re:Conspiracy or not (Score 4, Insightful) 250

It's beyond stupid to suggest that Sweden paid Cambodia for TPB admin. Why would they do that? It's not personal. And this is Cambodia we're talking about. There would be no need to pay $40 million to the whole government, just a little to one or two people with connections to immigration office.

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