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Comment Re:Standard excuses . . . . (Score 1) 466

"3) I am a cheap ass."

So you probably wouldn't buy it, anyway.

If a cheap ass REALLY wanted something, and there was no other way to obtain it, they would pay for it. At least the ones I know would.

"4) There is no such thing as copyright (or shouldn't be)."

This is a perfectly reasonable position, which I take.

"11) It is just normal human nature to take the product of others' labor without compensating them."

Actually, it is. Copyright is a new invention. Look up history. Funny thing is that we had music, paintings, books, architecture, and all that, long before copyright. I know, it's hard to believe!

You cannot compare creations of the past to creations of the present. Before computers and electronics, the only way to create a 1:1 replica of art was to labor over it again. There was some work involved in copying other people's work which may end up being no less difficult. With a video game, I put in no effort to create a copy indistinguishable in any way from the original.

"7) I do not want to try the demo because the only meaningful way to try out a game is to try out the ENTIRE game."

Games still have demos? Wow, must be, what, one or two such games a year? The only demos I have heard of in recent times were released AFTER the game. Not much help there...

What if we operate on the assumption that there is a demo available before or at the time of release. Would this argument still hold?

"8) Who cares if there is 99.9% piracy, all the developers need is to make just enough money to fund developing another game"

Not me, because there is not 99.9% piracy. Nice straw man bashing, though.

You're reading too much into this one just so you can say that it is a meaningless argument. Ignore the number, it's not important. The idea that developers only need enough money to fund their next game is the point here.

"12) Pirating something NEVER results in a lost sale. Not even when spread over thousands of people."

Has one person ever actually argued this? Curious because I'd love to hit them with a large blunt object. If they haven't, I guess I'll hit you instead...

No need to get violent.

"14) Personal honor is such an outmoded concept anyway."

Call me when the megacorps whining are any more honorable.

The people involved with the game want compensation for their work. I see nothing dishonorable about that.

Comment Enforcement? (Score 5, Interesting) 373

I have still yet to see them use the real name policy on anyone in my circles. Who checks the names? Do they need to be reported? I'm looking at one of my circles right now, and I see names like Sordid Euphemism, Mr Dragon, reddit brony, Fluttershy, the autowitch, Rainbow Danish, etc. Not to mention my own obviously fake name. As far as I can tell this policy isn't being strictly enforced, if at all. That doesn't change the fact that it is a stupid policy, but they don't seem to be removing fake accounts left and right.

Comment Re:Tabs on Titlebar Issues (Score 1) 537

That's not the issue that he's talking about. The problem is that when when the window is maximized, it aligns the tabs with the Firefox button in the titlebar. If you have enough tabs open to go all the way across the titlebar there is no space where you can grab the window since the whole titlebar is covered with tabs. There is no problem with the tabs on top when the window isn't maxmized because the tabs are not in the titlebar, they are in their own row below the Firefox button.

Fortunately this behavior is easy to disable. Just open up about:config and change browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar to false.

Comment Re:Latency (Score 1) 125

I was not trying to say this would mean that OnLive and Gaikai could compensate for the lag. I was simply responding to AC. Personally I think the latency will make the games unplayable.

As for streaming video vs local rendering, it requires significantly less power to decode a video stream. Even the low end graphics cards now can decode HD video streams in hardware. I think you are severely underestimating how much computing power has to go into the rendering of a single frame of a video game.

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