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Comment At least they are being upfront about it. (Score 1) 123

I have the original Moto X from 2013, which had been a pretty decent device. It too had been promised OS-level updates (not just patches) and it would go to Lollipop shortly after release. The final release is just getting rolled out now, just as the next version of Android is hitting devices. The delay was due to its custom X8 chipset and limited hands to get the job done. At least this time, Motorola is probably being upfront about it or still haven't assessed the viability of the upgrade. Oh yeah, and you still have to wait for the carriers to approve the specific updates.

I've given up and gone back to iOS and got the device unlocked.

Comment You can stay tech well into your 70's (Score 1) 592

For starters, I'm 37 and still doing tech. On my current project, I am the youngest guy on the team by about 10 years. Furthermore, my Father-in-law was 71 when he retired as a system admin. He was remarkably current on all Solaris and Linux system. He is still an excellent python developer today. With that said, I don't see it as a problem to continue in tech.

One caveat though: my current employer is located in the suburbs. I used to work in downtown Boston where everyone was well under 40, if not 35. Once I got out of the city, I noticed that everyone was older, or saddled with kids (as was my reason for moving out of the city). Basically, I find that agism is more prevalent in your urban/hipster areas than out in the 'burbs. The fact that I'm working with bright guys in their late 40's, gives me great faith that I can be a techie for much longer.


Submission + - No Java in Leopard? (damnhandy.com)

Mr. McD writes: "Has Apple given up on Java is Leopard? I have been tracking Java's eventual demise in Mac OS X and wrote a quick post about it here. This would really suck for those of us who are Java developers using Mac OS X."

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