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Comment God bless America... Please? (Score 1) 1035

This seems to be a theme that has been heard before, but sadly is tragic to both life and the and the innocent. While it seems like the game is the SOLE reason that these kids started doing this it is not so. There is a very good chance that the game may have prolonged this rampage instead of causing it. Today the average person is to be calm, reserved, with very little outlet. I myself find first person shooters a very nice way to relax if I am having a bad or rough day. Does this mean that I am going to buy some BFGs like I see on UT2003 and blow the crap out of everything that moves? NO! Many of these people who mimick movies or video games are already violent and mentally off balence. So by the parents suing Take Two is more to get money then justice. Instead of blaming incompitent parenting they blame an innocent company. Take Two is not sending messages that you sould in real life go and kill people, they simply made a sucessful game that is violent. For Take Two to be truely the problem or violent video games in general to be the cause of killing or violence there should at least be more then 1% violent crimes based upon them. There will always be violent people who will take ideas and construe them into wicked ways. People need to open there eyes and see that there are many things that we surround ourselves with that could easily be weapons but are used MAJORLY for good. I for one am sick and tired of the gaming industry getting hit below the belt because of get rich quick schemes and people who do not wish to take responsibility for their actions.

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