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Comment Re:Distinguishing conflict from disagreement (Score 1, Insightful) 1152

2) Thats a really ominous statement. Would your position make using coercion to inhibit religion justifiable?

It entirely depends on what the parent had in mind. If he means outlawing religious freedom, then I would be against it. If by limits he meant that a religious group should not have the power to enforce its beliefs upon society in general, then I am completely for it.

Maybe I should stop before I beat a dead horse even deader, but isn't atheism in and of itself a religion. There fore is Dr. Dawkins attempting to promote his religion as the only true religion and all other religions as less valuable than his?

Comment My New Patent (Score 1) 76

I think it is finally time for me to finally get the ultimate patent:

A process by which I can garner information, steps for process:

1) Gather inputs

2) Lookup data

3) Present results.

I believe that their is definitely no prior art for this patent and I can see multiple potential uses for it in the future.

Comment Re:Sounds like defeat (Score 1) 169

If it means we still have the TSA and their nudie scanners then we all lose, whether we realize it or not.


If they can push this tech to the point where we see it in Total Recall (the original, haven't seen the remake so don't know if it is in there). I would absolutely love it, I would be thrilled to be able to go through airport security that quickly, YIPPEEE!!!!

Besides, I can't really see how anybody would be either offended by or excited by these images... I mean seriously I know there are strange psychopathic individuals out there, but then are they really any different the the strange psychopathic individuals excited by shoes, socks, mud, etc...

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