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Comment Re:Forget the music. Use the Slashdot Beta! (Score 0) 271

I see Skinny Puppy's billing of the government to be a sign that they condone the use of their music in such a way. I know that's not true but a C&D letter would have been a much better political statement.

Sounds like you don't know how music licensing works. Remember when Heart got all pissy with the Republicans for using their song "Barracuda" at the GOP convention? Yeah, they didn't have a legal leg to stand on. Anybody can play your song in their venue, anywhere, as long as they've paid the license fee.

Comment Re:A lot of religious people... (Score 2) 132

Last Tuesday? No, you old-Earth Creationist, His Noodliness created it along with the rest of the Universe five minutes ago.

What, you remember events in your life that happened longer ago than five minutes? Well, He created you with those memories already in your brain!

Go ahead, prove it ain't true meanwhile, I'll have another plate of spaghetti, please.

Comment Re:The Grand Canyon is not a "formation" (Score 3, Informative) 132

If you can't come up with anything better (and dodges aren't better), "geologic formations" is good enough for laymen.

When I see the phrase "good enough for laymen" on slashdot, I know that /. has gone a LONG way downhill.

I think the word that Timothy was looking for is "feature."

Comment People's Cube response (Score 2) 260

Ah, yes, Comrade! Those of us true to the Collective have always known that the Hooligans and Reactionaries had something wrong in their heads! Probably from a vodka deficiency or something.

I, for one, welcome this! It's time we lock away all the dissidents until they learn to love Big Brother -- er, I mean, Dear Leader.

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