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Comment Re:Too good to be true. (Score 2) 142

"Passive cooling on the order of what this article talks about would seem to be too good to be true. If it is true these guys should be filthy rich soon."

Don't forget to sell your Air Conditioning stock.

Its interesting that they have made the film, yet have not demonstrated it in a practical application. That makes me skeptical as they are relying on performance claims when they shouldn't have to. Why could they not take the film and cover a small structure (like a shed), and simply tell us the resulting cooling effect? And maybe compare against a simple reflective coating

Comment Re:Wow, just wow. (Score 0) 114

So you're saying that small ISPs don't have the resources to do things like know what their own damned pricing structure is?

No, he absolutely never said that. Common sense tells us that they do, and obviously their customers will know. So no need for regulation that requires it and comes with other requirements such as performance which the ISP may not take time to measure or guarantee.

Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457

A) They destroyed forests and animal habitat when they were built. (I guess you realized your mining point was stupid and unsubstantive) B) If vegetation didn't hold carbon, we wouldn't have coal today. C) Methane is a big concern of climate scientists, so go argue with them. You can ignore it here if you like, but don't go off spouting about cow farts and such when that topic comes up, nor methane releases from fracking.

Comment Re:Desert (Score 2) 457

I wasn't vilifying Hydro, just point out some facts that many probably don't think about. Your points are on the list of things that offset the trade-offs I presented. And if you are fine with the plants and animals living in approx 30,000 square miles being affected, that's fine. I've seem many hear complain about much smaller areas, so that was meant for them.

Oh, and you are dead wrong on the your methane also, but nice attempt with the 'might'. its almost as if you dont know that normal land with mammals living on it also produce methane, and that lake bottoms are notoriously anaerobic..

You didn't even try to check, did you? Here is one source of many.

Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457

A) Don't just make stuff up. Hydro surface area globally is approx 30,000 sq miles. Nothing you mention even comes close to that.
B) Forests hold a set amount of CO2 at any given time, but that is released and no longer held. Forests are important for CO2 control. What worse is that what would be CO2 release is now release as methane from decay.
C) Methane is considered one of the most potent greenhouse gasses. Much more than CO2

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