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Comment Re:How can they stop this (Score 2) 129

Seems like a natural extension of their platform. I am wondering how they could have not seen this possibility, and how they think they can prevent this.

They could have some hook up version of Uber Select. Conversion vans would be allowed. It might require fuzzy dice and carpet on the dashboard just so you know what you are getting in to.

Comment Re: I think this whole idea stinks (Score 2) 83

The best approach for the general consumer is to have a set of standards that, if met, reduce security risks to an acceptable level from a hardware/software perspective. Products can choose to prove compliance with those standards. Educated consumers can require that compliance in their product choice.

Regulation could come in regarding how product can claim compliance.

Many or all of those standards may already exist, but they likely need some motherhood standards to tie them together. All easier said than done because there is not simple answer to 'the right way to do it', and a huge and varied scope of things under the umbrella.

Comment Re:Should instead slow down to 5 MPH (Score 1) 71

...and then bump into the texting students on purpose, to teach them a lesson.

Pedestrians, skateboarders, cyclists, etc... should all be hit at 7 MPH to teach them to stop walking and to ride the shuttle... because that is the only way Auro Robotics will make a profit in the long run

What kind of fat lazy squirrel can't get out of the way of a 7 mph bus? Or are they just self-entitled squirrels who feel they should not have to move?

Comment Re:Let them have them (Score 1) 213

The only reason this problem exists is because people will pay more than the face value for tickets.

True, but thats not going to happen and it just tells us the original tickets are priced below market value. The seller should have some right to decide what their consumers pay, but they don't have control as they should. You could argue the sellers should jack up the prices so much that there was no market margin left for scalpers as well, but they don't want to price certain demographics out of their market for sustainability reasons.

The most egregious case I know of is the Tragically Hip final concert tour, where the lead singer was terminally Ill and it was the last chance to see them. Google for some of the stories and the national outrage in Canada. (one link below). Knowing they would never see this band perform again made it a sellers market, the scalping really put a black mark on what was a national event. (If you aren't aware, the Hip was HUGE for many years and Canada, but surprisingly less so elsewhere)

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 208

A better question is what percentage of customers have slower speeds because they have no viable alternatives, versus how many (ie: my Mom) are still on relatively ancient DSL (or other) services that haven't quite kept up with the times.

Or how many stay on DSL or slower connections because it meets their needs, so they have no reason to change even if there are options.

Comment Re:Why air gaps? (Score 3, Informative) 285

Testing probably missed it because even with the thinner design it was a rare occurrence. Failures in 1 out of 200,000 phones is a big deal when you ship enough, but not so easily found in lab sampling. That said, the testing should mimic conditions beyond any expected in normal use and have a higher failure rate.

Comment Re:More Fake News (Score 1) 588

Maybe if he never said he'd have such a database, he would consider the question outlandish. Its not like there isn't any hyperbole being employed. So you can go on to talk about all the problems with this database that nobody proposed, but I'm not sure who you are really arguing with in that case, or making a point to.

Trump did talk about vetting an tracking people who want to enter the country from known terrorist states. Your points don't seem to apply very well in that case. But I suppose you'd rather argue against something that wasn't ever proposed... for what reasons I'm not sure but if it turns you on, keep at it.

Comment Re:!Revolution (Score 1) 273

The impact of 3D printing has long been over hyped and exaggerated. Not that it isn't a wonderful technology that has many benefits, but it is far from holding a promise of low cost mass production. 3D printing is a step above CNC, but with more material limitations.

3D printing will continue to expand where it makes sense, but it is not destined to be a mass producing technology any time soon. Its perfect for making molds for mass production though, and its a great product development tool.

Comment Re:More Fake News (Score 1) 588

No, they claim to be worried by this refusal to rule out registration, which would seem to be the only way to fulfil his pre-election promises.

So you admit the claim he called for a registry is false. Good, we are making progress. You claim that it is the only way to fullfill his election promise "as you interperet them" is just as erroneous, and if you had listened to what he is saying it certainly is not something he is asking for. But, you probably don't even know what he is saying, you probably are only aware of the snippets that are fed to you by the like minded.

Hillary's (and the media's) use of racial charging for the purpose of creating divisiveness if far more offending than any of Trump's poorly worded rhetoric.

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