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Comment Re:Cutting edge (Score 1) 484

Truth be told, I'm having a hard time believing that Pakistan didn't know he was there. I think the more likely scenario is he was there under house arrest as part of some deal he made with the Paki's. He did have access to quite a bit of money and giving the US access to Afghanistan via roadways and airspace for an extended period of time has proven to be quite lucrative to the Paki government. I think the Paki's full well knew he was there and kept pointing intel to the tribal regions for a variety of reasons.

Submission + - Man Gouges Eyes After 1 Hour of Reading ./ V3 (

An anonymous reader writes: After merely one hour of reading articles and comments from the new SLASHDOT v3 interface a man from Unkerville, MD has gouged out his eyes. He is quoted as saying "I would have liked to have kept them, but the pain was unbearable. Additionally, by removing my eyes I have prevented myself from any further viewing of the site which I'm certain would have resulted in either insanity or a shooting spree." Thank god for rusty spoons.
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Journal Journal: fb down?

seems that there's a bit of an outage. happening for you as well?

Submission + - Slashdot Struggles to Remain Relevant ( 2

gollum123 writes: Earlier today we published an analysis of the top traffic drivers in social media, based on data from Web analytics company Woopra. The biggest traffic driver was StumbleUpon (51%), followed by Digg (30%), Hacker News (12%) and Reddit (5%). Surprisingly, tech news community Slashdot was not in the list of top referrers. In fact, according to Woopra CEO John Pozadzides, Slashdot "drives close to 0% of traffic to the sites Woopra measures." (emphasis ours). Why is Slashdot almost irrelevant to the social media community? It used to be the biggest driver of traffic to tech web sites, but now it hardly delivers any traffic at all to them. We explore some of the reasons, including input from our own community.

Comment Re:It's Always the Chess Players (Score 1) 184

Hundreds of professional chess players?

Wow... I'm wondering how much money one could possibly make as a 'professional chess player' because by some definition of the word 'professional' they should all be making some sort of coinage.

Is there any info on this as a career? Just curious...

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