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Comment Re:Already solved! (Score 1) 76

Isn't this what free apps like HiYa and TrueCaller do?

With apps like that, you're still getting the robocalls, you just don't see them. The carrier still has to carry them. They take up bandwidth on the trunks and frequency allocation on the cell towers. The ones that originate as VOIP sessions from some boiler room in Bangalore clog up valuable spectrum on transatlantic cables. The earlier in the process they can be blocked, the better.

Comment Re:the Snowflake Jihad (Score 1) 250

If a private business has a right to limit offensive speech on a social media platform in the name of moral righteousness, they have just as much right to deny service to people they find objectionable on the same grounds such as homosexuals or muslims.

Not if they want to do business in the the United States they don't. Religious groups are a federally protected class, and with very few exceptions, cannot be denied service on that basis. Sexual orientation is gaining traction as a protected class at the state level; any web-based service discriminating on that basis is likely to run afoul of some of these states' laws (for clarity, "public accommodation" in the context of that map means a business that is open to the public).

Would you be OK with ISP's being pressured by moral crusaders to not provide connectivity to people who host "offensive" content because the moral crusaders decide to label everyone they don't agree with "neo-nazis"?

No, I wouldn't be OK with that because the moral groups would have no standing or injury. Unlike YouTube and its advertisers, the moral groups in your scenario are not party to any contract with the ISP or its customers. Further, I'm of the opinion that ISPs should be regulated as utilities and required to serve anyone who's capable of paying their bill, just like the electric company. That, I suppose, is another discussion entirely.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score -1, Troll) 226

It's going to be hilarious if this is part of the Trump corruption investigation, and it turns out the rioters were being coordinated by Team Trump. Given Trump's penchant for projection, and his constant accusations that anyone protesting him must be a hired ringer, it wouldn't surprise me if his people are the ones importing paid agitators.

Comment Re:"F**K THE POLICE" (Score 1) 242

Do any of you really think the police want to have their time and limited resources wasted because they have to have a 'Craigslist Squad' to track down people selling used electronics?

Frankly, yes; it's easy work. Look how much time they spend these days setting up prostitution stings on Backpage, surfing Facebook looking for pictures of high schoolers consuming alcohol, etc. versus actually being out in the community and walking beats. You can eat a lot more donuts sitting at a computer.

Comment Re:Worked@IBM in 1980's, left, because sucked. (Score 1) 301

Any marketer/sales droid that relies on phones instead of email and messaging should be fired.

The worst ones use both. You answer the phone and the guy's like "Hey this is Gary from Solar Winds, did you get the email I just sent you?" Fuck no you spamming cockwipe, my entire company rejects email from your entire company, and I guess I just found a new phone number for our PBX guy to filter out. Why in the hell would you send me an email and then call me about it moments later? Fucking marketers.

Comment Re: Thanks Hillary! (Score 4, Insightful) 109

Half the country is very concerned with job loss due to immigration

Yet they seem far more interested in kicking out the immigrants than in punishing the companies who are hiring them. An immigrant can't take your job unless your employer gets rid of you and hires the immigrant. Instead of ICE showing up at courthouses to round up and deport people, maybe the Department of Labor should start showing up at corporate headquarters and carting those folks off.

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