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Submission + - Time for ISPs to increase the caps? 1

Moryath writes: Back in 2008, a bunch of ISPs — Roadrunner, Comcast, AT&T — rolled out "data usage caps" designed, well, mostly to do things like this and try to force customers to use their cable TV service instead of services like Hulu, Youtube, and other video subscription services.

Now it's 2012. Data usage is through the roof — the high quality options on Hulu+ and Amazon's streaming service can serve over 2.5 GB in a single hour. Watch 100 hours in your household, you're over the cap without doing a single thing else.

Is it time for the cable providers to start finally upping these stupid caps?

Submission + - Heartless Company Attacks Little Girl, Hospice (msn.com)

Moryath writes: In a Mafia-like demonstration of why copyright laws are insane, the unbelievably heartless grinches at New York-based Bourne Music Co decided that a 10-year-old girl's attempt to raise money for a children's hospice by performing an homage to a Charlie Chaplin film needed to be squashed like a bug. While it would have been simple to acknowledge her, they instead demanded payments of $2000 for making the video available for only one year (the video itself had a budget of nothing, since the staff time and equipment usage were donated by Phil Steel and Sound Sense), plus they demanded $250 for every time the girl was caught singing the song in public. Please feel free to tell them how you feel.

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