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United Kingdom

Submission + - Brits Overcharging Gadgets, Wasting Electricity wo (

hypnosec writes: Electricity worth £134million is wasted every year due to overcharging of gadgets such as laptop computers and mobile phones, a new study has revealed. The study shed light into the fact how 20 percent of householders in the UK leave their mobile phones plugged in even when the battery is full, as they do not wish to run out of battery-life while outdoors. Worse even, 10 percent of the participants in the study admitted that they were simply too lazy to pull the plug despite knowing that it costs them money. The study shows that nine out of every 10 owners keep their devices on permanent charge, unaware of the fact that how damaging it could eventually turn out to be. According to the study, the most overcharged devices are laptop computers, mobile phones as well as iPods.

Comment Re:Is that the best you can do? (Score 1) 262

OK...a more reasoned response for you.

"The British government has two choices: either solve it now by harshly cutting out any part of the Muslim population that looks even remotely likely it sympathizes with Islamists, or face the prospect that in 20 years as demographics shift, a group like the BNP will stage a coup and take matters into its own hands militarily."

This is an attempt to shift the blame to those you wish to expel for the actions against them. You state that you wish to 'cut out' any part of the Muslim population that might be 'remotely likely' to sympathise with extremist Islamic views. You have also stated that 40% of the UK Islamic population support Sharia law. Do the people you wish to cut out include that 40%?

I would conjecture that that this would in fact radicalise many more people as the UK state apparently undertook a war against versions of Islam it disliked. It would also be a direct breach of ECHR rights to free speech. I am curious what specific actions you would call for to cut out people from the population, especially given that incitement to terrorism is illegal already. Are you referring to deportation?

"The British government should infiltrate radical mosques and monitor them. Over time, if the agents feel that the congregation is too radical, identify the non-citizens and mark them for deportation."

We do this. MI5 has experience infiltrating the IRA, and certainly runs agents in the more extreme anti-Western mosques. However you appear to have stated that anyone that might be remotely likely to sympathise should be cut out. Does this then include citizens?

Please note when suggesting solutions that
a) you cannot make a mere opinion that the state should change legal system (even to Sharia law) punishable without a breach of the ECHR Art.9 and
b) this would arguably also breach ECHR Art.6(1) as the state action would itself be illegal, and so the trial would be unfair due to ultra vires actions.

Comment Re:Such a sad story. (Score 1) 360

There's a third possibility which the article fails to consider:

The third one you bring up rings home for me, absolutely. I attempted different perspectives and extremes to break my own cycle, most of them never hitting the root cause for depression. It wasn't until I opened up to my girlfriend about what I wanted in our sex life that I began the steps towards a satisfying sexual relationship. A few weeks passed by and I noticed I wasn't surfing "sexually gratifying websites", I just didn't need too. Yea, pr0n isn't a bad thing, nor does it exclusively cause depression. In my case, it was an escape. Like with anything else, overtime the escape is problematic and will muddy the waters. ...anybody ever watch that episode of Coupling where Jeff talks about Cpt. Subtext?

Comment Re:another step in the right direction (Score 1) 198

Is there ANYONE here that actually think Calc and Impress measure up to Excel and Powerpoint?

I think Impress is good enough to compete with PowerPoint. It's rare to find anyone who really knows what they are doing in PowerPoint. They are usually the "Sally Secretary" types you mention.

I agree with you 100% about Calc and Excel.

Comment Re:mail (Score 1) 268

I've always wondered if a black background uses less energy on an LCD monitor than white.

If anything it would use a tiny bit more because the LCD default state is clear, with energy being required to turn it black. (This is why a digital watch shows no numbers if the battery is dead.) But the difference in power would be extremely minuscule.

Comment Re:WTF is up with the summary? (Score 1) 466

Sodium metal in liquid metasl cooled reactors is corrosive.

No it's not. One of the reason sodium is used as a coolant is that it hardly corrodes the steel components at all. Even after decades of operations molten-sodium systems the "wet" side of the components can still have the scratch marks in the steel from when the reactor was constructed.

This is not to say sodium is trivial to work with. On contact with air or water it combusts spontaneously, and the chemicals formed can be quite corrosive. Also whether something is corrosive or not depends what it is reacting with. Sodium-hydroxide is extremely corrosive to organic compounds but it doesn't attack metals or glass. Water readily dissolves ionic compounds like salts, but not fatty compounds like butter.

Comment Re:Responsible Disclosure (Score 0, Redundant) 220

The problem is that they are not contacting vendors anymore at all since some of the previous times the vendor was slow or didn't react.

I work for one of the affected projects and can tell you that we did not get contacted by them via any of our normal, well publicized methods (email, phone calls, etc...).

I agree that if a vendor does not reply then it is totally okay to disclose it to force their hand. However, disclosing it immediately to the public and giving the vendor no chance to fix it (even a few days) is wrong imo.

Comment Re:They forgot one (Score 4, Interesting) 235

I think people _do_ condone (albeit tacitly) the mistreatment of agricultural animals, and I think it's because of the "yuck" factor of some science research. I suspect that an average dairy cow probably lives a worse life than your average lab rat (I've worked on dairy farms, and know how appallingly they're treated).

As someone who has also worked on a half dozen dairy farms in the north east I have to ask you WTF are you talking about. I'm asking becuase I've seen alot of people interpret management practices that minimize stress as being abuse based on the human tendancy toward anthropomorphizing (what would I want in that situation).

I've worked on operations that utilized rotational grazing and daily pasure access, as well as freestall barns with an 8x8 milking parlor, and one thing has been constant across all the farms I've worked on and that's the razor thin profit margins. Abused cows, or even more subtley stressed ones, produce less milk for the same amout of feed intake. Therefore, abusing or stressing your cows is a sure-fire way to end up filing for bankruptcy.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 623

Well I find my IT job a pleasant change from my other job as a firefighter where I'm in the public eye, TV crews, people thinking you can do anything (and expecting you to do everything for them no matter how lame (ie finding their lost "pedigree" dog)) and most of all the unjustified hero worship.

The two two jobs are actually very similar: Troubleshooting, helping people, lateral thinking, consistency and always, always, have a backup, the more the better. I enjoy both jobs equally (for different reasons) so if you are finding IT not as rewarding as you would like, retrain yourself and try something different (like volunteer /part-time firefighting on the side. (The hardest part about it for me was getting over my self doubt to actually turn up to join.)).

Comment Re:Authors Make Case for Used Books (Score 1) 209

you are lying if you are trying to say that as a parent you've never gotten your child a toy and been glad that they are

quiet and happy (even if it is just distracted)

Sorry I believe it is my responsibility as a parent to raise my child, not allow electronic devices to do it for me. I can honestly say that I have never given my child any toy for the purpose of quieting them down. And I most certainly have never felt any pressure to purchase, or steal, a toy for my child, as the thread originally expressed.

Believe it or not but there are still people in the world that believe parenting is a process involving human interaction and not just putting their child in front of some device to entertain them until they are old enough to move out.


Submission + - More than half of DNS servers still vulnerable (

MattSparkes writes: "Despite an unprecedented secret effort by Microsoft, Cisco and Sun to develop a patch for the DNS poisoning flaw, the details of the attack are now emerging, and most companies are yet to update their machines. More than half of servers are still vulnerable, and this is "not good enough" claims the researcher who first discovered the problem."

iPhone's Game Potential As a Threat to Java Phone Games 260

Ian Lamont writes "In the runup to Apple's WWDC 2008, Chris Tompkins thinks that the iPhone's gaming potential 'might finally put the lackluster Java-based cell phone gaming market to death.' He cites the iPhone's use of Core Animation adapted for ARM processors, which he says allows for the advanced effects of OS X and now OpenGL-accelerated 3D games, as well as the importance of an on-demand store and Internet connection. Tompkins says that while certain genres lend themselves to the iPhone's touch controls, such as real-time strategy games (think StarCraft) the lack of physical controls will force developers to creatively approach the multitouch and accelerometer on the iPhone. His advice to Apple — make a compelling overture to independent game designers, and treat them like rock stars. Tompkins, incidentally, is one of several people who have recently pointed to Apple's mobile gaming potential."

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