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Comment More Data would be nice (Score 1) 312

It's good that research is being done, but it would be nice if they were a bit more complete and helpful with their findings. Simply listing the toxic constituents is meaningless without content. Is 7 micrograms of acetol per puff actually harmful? Tomatoes contain nicotine, Apples contain cyanide. These are toxic chemicals, too. Burning a steak creates all kinds of nasty toxic chemicals too.. the question is are they actually harmful? Secondly, "Shown here are emission rates of seven of the most toxic chemicals from a single-coil e-cigarette operated at 3.8V" is a very useless metric. Is it a 2Ohm coil? 1.5? Sub Ohm? 3.8V will produce vastly different results in each case. I would love to see a study that gives actionable conclusions, such as operating a standard single coil e-cigarette with a 1.2Ohm coil at 3V produces dangerous level of (pick a toxic constituent.)

Comment Re:Even if it's wrong, it's right (Score 1) 173

That student in particular has a vested interest in a particular area of her field, and hopefully that will grow into a later expertise, and ultimately significant contributions to human knowledge.

Well actually, from TFA:

Barbi remains unexcited. She is involved with theater arts, studies acting, plays the piano and the guitar, sings, and dances.

"I don't think math will become my profession. I hope to work in theater arts," Barbi says.

Comment Re: TCO? (Score 1) 138

School administrators have no way of telling a good sysadmin from a bad sysadmin. Either would have a salary+benefits of over $100k/year, which few schools can afford. Schools can get federal grants to buy equipment, but salaries come out of their own budget.

Assuming each school needed a full time sysadmin, which they most likely do not. $100k to pay an admin to keep an eye on a portion of the schools in the school board is far more reasonable. And would then come from the board's budget, not the school.

Comment Re:Apple made the same mistake (Score 1) 390

Firstly, IBM was just as closed as anything, they fought tooth and nail to prevent compaq from releasing PC Compatibles. Secondly, exactly what mistake are you referring to? Apple isn't necessarily losing customers, the smartphone market is expanding. They continue to make money hand over fist, and they continue to draw in new customers.

Comment Re:In other words... (Score 1) 400

Exactly this. This whole approach is aimed at the elite (like me) who have an excellent connection and little concern about bandwidth usage. What the gaming industry is failing to take into account is that a large part of their target market is the working poor.

I'm assuming that they've amassed some good intelligence in the past decade or so of Xbox Live regarding their target audiences... it's entirely possible the elite are the ones who will benefit from it or more specifically the games that the elite play, and that those who don't fit in that category wouldn't be affected in anyway in that the games they would play, wouldn't require the extra horsepower in the first place.

Comment Given that she isn't a gamer already (Score 1) 550

I think your goal of playing co-op or combative games with her is a huge stretch for two reasons:

1) Your wife isn't a gamer now
2) Not every gamer likes co-op games or combative ones.

You may be able to introduce her to gaming and get her started, and if you do manage to do that, she's going to need time to discover which genres she enjoys. Your experience will help her there, since you can introduce her to a little bit of everything. At the end of the day, even IF she does pick up gaming, you might have to be happy that she finds a genre of games she likes and plays them, while you get to enjoy yours.

By the way: While I'm posting this my wife has been hogging the 360 all morning. I love it, and it's one of the reasons we're together in the first place; we've both been avid gamers since the 80s. Even though we both put in roughly the same amount of time gaming, it's very rare we play together, co-op or otherwise. Keep that in mind.

Comment Re:Took you long enough, Slashdot (Score 1) 392

To publish an insanely sensationalistic FUD piece from the Anti-Nuclear crowd scaremongering the most densely populated area of the world over something that is a complete and utter non-issue.

Not that your point isn't well taken, but either you're using a different definition of "world" or "density," or something happened to Japan, Mexico, South Korea and India (and possibly the Philippines) since this morning that hasn't been making the news.

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