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Comment Re:More "zero tolerance" idiocy (Score 2, Insightful) 804

I agree with this approach. Unless she was a repeat Jolly Rancher offender, a note home would have definitely been sufficient. I must say, I do appreciate the rules against candy. Helping kids eat better since they are too young to understand why kale is good for you is a good thing. I know parents that let their kids eat loads of processed foods and it just makes me sick

Comment Re:For what application? (Score 1) 133

You can get it here:

...along with a few dozen other Linux ports. Is it multithreaded? Not a clue. I usually spawn between 2-4 transcoding sessions at once and never bothered checking on thread usage (episodes are in 5 parts... I transcode more than one part at a time). I rarely concern myself with thread usage under OS/2. As it is, Lotus Domino GoWebserver on my Netfinity spawns 1000 threads (configurable to 4095 - limited to 1000 by me in the config file) on launch (and then "un-sleeps" the ones it needs and "re-sleeps" them when done) - and I've had situations where it's "un-slept" and used as many as 700 threads at a time... so a measly 1-4 (or even to 8) threads that FFMPEG may be using per transcode never seemed like a big enough issue to check into thread usage over.

Other Linux to OS/2 ports are on Netlabs, Hobbes (, locatable via OS/2 World ( (such as VLC Player) and elsewhere.


Comment Re:Come to Verizon! (Score 0, Offtopic) 738

The FTC can and does regulate that. In fact, they regulate all advertising in the US...


While the terms "false" and "deceptive" are essentially the same for most, being deceptive is not the same as producing deception. What is illegal is the potential to deceive, which is interpreted to occur when consumers see the advertising to be stating to them, explicitly or implicitly, a claim that they may not realize is false and material. The latter means that the claim, if relied on for making a purchasing decision, is likely to be harmful by adversely affecting that decision. If an ad is implicitly false, evidence must be obtained for what consumers saw the ad saying, and for the materiality of that, and for the true facts about the advertised item, but no evidence is required that actual deception occurred, or that reliance occurred, or that the advertiser intended to deceive or knew that the claim was false.

Comment Re:bullcrap (Score 1) 601

But any good company will keep the same two or three strategic employees (through good compensation) to keep the framework focused. It's called management. Letting other 47 ever-changing guys run around unmanaged is akin to the inmates running the asylum.
"The Company" is those 50-100 people making the changes, and the 2 or 3 key people I mentioned above set priorities. How is this a bad thing? Again, no program could succeed letting all 47 other people make decisions...nothing would ever get done.

so everyone will depend on those 2-3 strategic employees. what if those strategic employees decide they want to have a career change ?

As opposed to random intern or new guy out of college? How is that bad? Besides, customers decide whether something needs upgrading or not, because they are the one paying for it.

because they decide to force people to upgrade despite they dont need it. ala vista, ala dx10.

I've learned that "nice to have" features and things like training never happen because nobody is willing to pay for them. Therefore, companies don't push updates that aren't necessary (i.e. nobody is paying for).

im leaving all other examples (disastrous bcentral closedown, innumerable frameworks that they ditched to bankruptcy of their collaborators and so on) aside, the mere fact that they decided to lock down perfecctly workable features of dx10 under xp to vista in order to force gamers to upgrade vista despite there was NO need to do it, tells enough.

I guess my mileage indeed varies, but this is my world view working for a 500 employee software company that has several product lines.

you are working for a software company therefore are seeing the software co. side. these are all problems that are prominent on client side.

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