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Submission + - IBM Announces Onshoring Plans

An anonymous reader writes: In an early morning press conference, Sam Palmisano announced a fresh new IBM strategy where focus will be placed on hiring U.S. workers to service U.S. based accounts. "It's time we return to recognizing our most important asset: our people. No longer will we strive to generate profit by reducing headcount and lowering labor costs. Instead, through retention of talent and training, we will build a work force worthy of the IBM name and return IBM to its status of a company its employees are proud to work for" Palmisano told reporters. Additionally, he stated that IBM will return to its previous policy of announcing employee count by country rather than a single, global number. "How can we continue to hold our hand out for government money if we aren't willing to show the government and taxpayers that we are using their funds to employ the very ones who provided the funds in the first place" Palmisano stated.

In related news, Bob Moffett has been found innocent of all charges related to the insider trading scam, and will return to his post at IBM to continue his grooming to be the next CEO.

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