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Submission + - Microsoft admits "incentives" for pro OOXM (

jcatcw writes: According to Computerworld, Microsoft admits that an employee at its Swedish subsidiary offered monetary compensation to partners for voting in favor of the Office Open XML (OOXML) document format's approval as an ISO standard. Tom Robertson, general manager for interoperability and standards at Microsoft, says it had no affect on the final outcome of the voting.

Feed Engadget: Sony has no more 60GB PS3s in its warehouses (

Filed under: Gaming

It seems the unnecessary confusion surrounding the future of Sony's 60GB PlayStation 3 is finally ceasing, as Sony has now stated that it "no longer has any inventory in SCEA warehouses." Moreover, it was noted that all of the 60GB units "had been purchased and shipped to retailers," and while Sony doesn't know how many of those are on store shelves or waiting somewhere else in the supply channel, the firm estimates that there is still "ample supply left." So, we guess that settles it (hopefully for good, this time).

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Submission + - How can 200,000 galaxies point the same way? ( 1

KentuckyFC writes: "Does the universe have a preferred direction — an axis of evil as some astrophyscists have called it? It certainly looks that way with the publication today of a survey of 200,000 elliptical galaxies that indicates they are all aligned in the same direction. What's more, this axis is the same as the controversial alignment found in the cosmic microwave background by the WMAP spacecraft"

Submission + - Massive Cave on Mars Revisited

An anonymous reader writes: Do you remember the massive cave found on Mars by the NASA's MRO? They have taken another picture looking from the west, with the sun also shinning from the west, so part of the eastern wall is visible now. The HiRISE team confirms that this pit is essentially a vertical shaft cut through the lava flows on the flank of the volcano.

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