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Journal MondoMor's Journal: Metamod == gift to trolls

I've seen several posts recently where people complain about having "infinite" Meta-Mod points. Almost like it's a burden.

It most certainly is not. It is a gift to patient, karma-whoring trolls. Read the Meta-Mod FAQ.

Say you encounter a typical "OMG BILL GATES IS TEH SATAN!" post by, say, circletimessquare. It's been duly modded up as "Insightful" by some unknown editor or slashbot. Why not Meta-Mod that as "unfair"? Sure, you won't have any significant effect on either the poster's karma or the person who modded them up, but you will "help ... remove bad moderators from the M1 eligibility pool."

Similarly, suppose you encounter a post by a troll seething with racism and hatred. It's been duly modded down as "Troll" or "Flamebait". This too is "unfair"! That post increased the noise, and as such was very valuable. It belongs in +2 territory with something by Perens, surely! Whoever modded that down should be removed from the moderation eligibility pool, post haste!

(Note that you don't have to support the racist shite in the post. The poster probably doesn't either; he's just doing it for the reaction.)

This is the same thing that happens to positive-karma troll accounts when they upmod a troll. They're found out in Meta-Mod, and lose their ability to moderate.

It's time the trolls use the same weapons as the slashbots! If you moderate, use "-1 Overrated" since those don't get Meta-Modded. And Meta-Mod whenever you get the chance! I mark almost everything as "unfair", though I occasionally see a very obvious troll being upmodded, which I mark as "fair" or leave alone.

Either that, or just have fun. Whichever.

Edit I've recently realized that my alter ego and I make up a fifth of $$$$$exyGal's foes. I am beaming with pride. Almost as much pride as nabbing 5,000,001st post, or having my sordid past with michael crapflooded by SexualAssPussy.

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Metamod == gift to trolls

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