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Comment Re:A drop in the bucket (Score 1) 162

The only thing that is gas in my house is the stove. With 3 full size PC's (700W+) running 24/7/365, and heating/cooling the house with central air/heat 24/7/365 my electric bill is usually between $100-180. I'd be interested to know how it compares to someone using gas to heat and cool. I have a feeling that if you took out my PC's and the central air, my bill would be around $5 a month lol

Comment Small difference (Score 2) 268

The 1TB Samsung (good solid main drive if you aren't using SSD's) drive I was paying $59 for before the shortage and the floods for all my personal and customer's builds is now down to $79.99. And you can get 3TB drives for around $170 again as well. Not bad IMO. I'm sure in another 3-6 months the prices will drop again for the holiday's. The price for that 1TB drive was $79.99 around this time last year as well. Only some manufacturers still have outrageous prices, most notably Western Digital.

Comment I Hope Not (Score 4, Interesting) 329

I really hope that people won't give in without at least expressing their anger to Comcast by finding another ISP if available, when they implement tiered pricing. I hope Comcast users push back like us TW users did.

One of the MAIN reasons these ISP's are introducing tiered pricing is simply to avoid the costs of upgrading their infrastructure. Instead of modernizing their networks and equipment to handle today's higher demand for more and more bandwidth, they simply implement overage fees and/or tiered pricing to keep people's usage within the confines of what their infrastructure can handle. It really is a scam on so many different levels. This is why the US is so far behind in broadband when looking at other country's broadband statistics.

Money hungry as ever, the largest ISP's over here just don't see the need to provide a higher level of service to home users when it means investing hundreds of $Millions, possibly more, to do it.

In addition to that, you have places like Rochester, NY where no competition can EVER break into the market because 1 or 2 ISP's have monopolized the space for new fiber and/or copper runs, effectively creating a stagnant market where users have no choices for service (ISP's such as EarthLink give the ILLUSION of choice, but really only lease space on another larger ISP's lines, such as Time Warner).

Submission + - Pirate Bay Under DDoS Attack From Anonymous? ( 1

MoldySpore writes: If anyone has tried to get to The Pirate Bay in the last 24 hours, they have most likely been met with a timeout. As an article on TorrentFreak notes, only a week ago The Pirate Bay scolded Anonymous for it's attack on ISP Virgin Media, and now the site is currently the victim of a DDoS attack that is effectively keeping people from viewing the site. There is a lot of speculation as to whether this is retaliation from Anonymous, the work of an agency such as the RIAA and their associates, or an anti-pirate company such as PiratePay.

Comment Re:Error My Ass (Score 1) 1005

The word "fact" doesn't appear in either of my posts. Actually, I specifically say in the second one that most of what I say after are my opinions. Also, I've read several articles from different sources that list Trayvon as weighing approx. 140 lbs, and Zimmerman weighing approx. 250. No exactly double, but close enough in my book. I can only go by what is being reported.

Comment Re:Error My Ass (Score 0) 1005

While this is obviously just my opinion now, I have a hard time believing that all of a sudden Trayvon just came charging full speed at Zimmerman with the intent to kill him. Instead of simply getting back in his car and driving away, Zimmerman then chose to "stand his ground"? Ridiculous. It would be different if the kid had been armed with ANY kind of weapon. But Zimmerman is twice his size and had a gun. What could Trayvon have possibly done to Zimmerman? Even if Zimmerman had got in his car and even simply locked the door, what could have been done to him? The whole situation stinks of bad decisions and paranoia.

Comment Re:Error My Ass (Score 2, Informative) 1005

He was told by the dispatcher NOT to follow and to wait for the police. He didn't. That should be the end of the story right there. He chose to go after this kid, with a gun. Regardless of who started the fight that lead to Martin getting shot, it should have never gotten to that point. Only someone looking for trouble goes stalking after some kid at dusk with a gun.

Comment Re:uh (Score 1) 349

I'd be willing to bet that there is no provision specifically saying "You can't curse on the internet" since they specifically say in the article:

...the school decided that such behavior was unacceptable...

which tells me that they decided this on the spot. And if there actually IS a rule listed that says they can't curse on the internet, that school is fucked and it's better he is going somewhere else anyway. I made an entire website against my school when I was a young'n and all I got was a couple days of suspension before they eventually APOLOGIZED for suspending me and expunged it from my record. They even sent a tutor to my house while I was on suspension so I didn't fall behind. Schools nowadays are WAY too PC. If you try to sanitize kids artificially like this, you will end up with cookie cutter, boring kids entering college who aren't prepared for the real world.

Also, if this DID take place on the schools network, then the network administrator for that school should be fired, since anybody knows you block social networking along with many other things in work and school environments, especially on school-owned computers. It's enterprise network management 101.

Comment First Thing He Said... (Score 1) 349

...when he found out he was expelled was probably "Fuck" so all the school is doing is encouraging his profanity.

Seriously though, this is happening more and more across the country. I don't understand how the school gets off thinking it is their job or right to police what kids say outside of school or what they do with their accounts or anything on the internet if they are not specifically mentioning the school. At the very most, he should have had the school issued laptop taken away. That's it. Sure if they are attacking a staff member directly they can go from there, but trying to stop anyone from cursing ridiculous at least, and most likely a constitutional violation.

Comment Re:Thespians (Score 1) 527

Agreed, but you, like most of the people who replied, skipped over my suggestion for making it easier to vote. Either with a national holiday on election days (both for the presidential and other elections) or by allowing online voting. If American's are lazy, then they should cater to that. I KNOW that more people would vote if they didn't have to work the same day they needed to vote, or if they could vote from their couch. Sad, but very very true.

Comment Re:Thespians (Score 1) 527

But the point is this isn't only for flying. They are expanding to railways, bus terminals, subways, and highways. Slowly but surely we will have our rights violated even if we are driving in our own personal vehicles. If you don't take a stand somewhere, then it will really turn out like 1984. Also, it is all security theater. Especially now that you can buy your way out of the checks. For $100, you can have a background check and bypass the checks? Who is to say one of those people can't be blackmailed or paid to do something that would endanger the lives of all the people on board? The simple act of bringing 1 part to a chemical substance needed to make an explosive on board would be all a terrorist would need. All they need to do is kidnap someone's daughter/wife/husband/etc and you have the perfect inside plant on any flight you want. The TSA is officially a joke. Yet at the same time they pose a threat to your privacy.

Comment Re:Thespians (Score 1) 527

While I still disagree with you about the electoral college (there are many ways to ensure little to no voter fraud with a direct voting system that I won't get into) I just wanted to say that I love that you quoted George Carlin. One of my favorite people from the last century who really had a keen eye for this stuff. Much respect.

Comment Re:Thespians (Score 4, Insightful) 527

The public has spoken, and they're clearly in favor of bailouts, TSA, and wars, on both the Democrat and Republican sides.

There are plenty in the public who do not support these things. The fact is only a tiny fraction of the population actually votes. And this has more to do with votes not really counting for anything more than who the candidates are or what they support. Until they get rid of the electoral college and you get 1 vote for 1 person, and make it easier for people to vote either by having a national holiday on election day or online voting, our "democratic" system is really just smoke and mirrors with 2 parties that support the same political policies. The only differences they have now are philosophical and religious, with the Republicans being on the more crazy, anti-progress side of things, and the Democrats being in the center not willing to more forward. The "party of backwards", and the "party of stationary", respectively.

Despite everyone's initial glee over Obama, there are few democrats that will defend him breaking his promise to close Gitmo, nor do they support the TSA (though they will support him in the coming election because...honestly...have you seen these republican candidates? Even Ron Paul is pretty crazy and he is the most sane out of all of them, which is saying a lot). I have many, many conversations, with a wide variety of people, and only the most hardcore Republicans support the TSA and GitMo anymore, and even then whenever they fly they bitch about TSA. So it is kind of bullshit anyway, they just regurgitate the same FOX News Republican talking points as the current array of idiots up for the Republican nomination. They don't actually know what they are talking about, and are usually voting against their own personal interests.

In actuality, the outcry over the TSA especially has been huge, it's just that there is nothing for anyone to do about it. The most anyone can do is boycott flying and just stop taking airplanes to travel. But for some this is just not a possibility. They are a 3 letter government agency put in place and kept in place across both political parties since almost the turn of the century. Americans are lazy. Our political process has become one that encourages laziness because for someone to make ANY kind of difference, even to get people talking about a topic, it requires way more effort than just showing up on election day or taking part in a protest. Occupy Wallstreet barely accomplished getting the nation talking about the wealth inequality, and we basically had to sacrifice our right to public assembly and protest to get that to happen, since most of OWS has been broken up or arrested now under orders from state or local government officials (both republican AND democrats).

Saying the "public has spoken" and that they are FOR the things you mentioned is not accurate. It would be better to say "The public has spoken, but nobody is listening, so they've all but given up". There is a huge difference between support, and being voiceless. Unless there are changes in the way our political system works and the way the citizens are able to interact with it, nothing will change and the trends we've seen with Gitmo and TSA are only the beginning.

Comment Safe Zone (Score 1) 458

Easy to fix. It's just like in Mass Effect 2: there would be a "safe zone" for where ships traveling at FTL speeds to come out of FTL safely. The zones would just have to be large enough to accommodate the largest of ships. The station where you would disembark and your family would be would be outside this zone.

Also, if you are a Star Trek person, you will remember the episode of TNG where the ship had to be evacuated at an orbital platform so that it could be "cleaned" as it built up particles along the hull from many light years of travel. So even fictional space ships still had these types of problems!

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