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Feed Engadget: Nexus 5 torn down, easily put back together again (

There are few things worse than doing a full product teardown, only to find that, well, you're not likely to get that thing back in one piece anytime soon. By all accounts, however, it was pretty smooth sailing for the folks at iFixit when they took the new Nexus 5 to the surgical whitebox (one ...

Submission + - Makerbot Cracks Down On 3D-Printable Gun Parts ( 1

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings, the 3D-printing firm Makerbot has deleted a collection of blueprints for gun components from Thingiverse, its popular user-generated content website that hosts 3D-printable files. Though Thingiverse has long banned designs for weapons and their components in its terms of service, it rarely enforced the rule until the last few days, when the company’s lawyer sent notices to users that their software models for gun parts were being purged from the site.

Gun control advocates were especially concerned about the appearance of lower receivers for semi-automatic weapons that have appeared on Thingiverse. The lower receiver is the the “body” of a gun, and its most regulated component. So 3D-printing that piece at home and attaching other parts ordered by mail might allow a lethal weapon to be obtained without any legal barriers or identification.

Makerbot’s move to delete those files may have been inspired in part by a group calling itself Defense Distributed, which announced its intention to create an entirely 3D-printable gun in August and planned to potentially upload it to Thingiverse. Defense Distributed says it's not deterred by Makerbot's move and will host the plans on its own site.


Submission + - Intel Demos 48-Core Prototype Chip (

adeelarshad82 writes: Intel demonstrated an experimental 48-core processor that could be used for laptops, which it said will be ten to twenty times more powerful than today's Core chips. The new processors, which Intel calls a "single-chip cloud computer," won't necessarily be for production. Instead, Intel said that it would share 100 of the experimental chips with academic researchers to help develop new software programming models.
Data Storage

Long-Term Performance Analysis of Intel SSDs 95

Vigile writes "When the Intel X25-M series of solid state drives hit the market last year, there was little debate that they were easily the best performing MLC (multi-level cell) offerings to date. The one area in which they blew away the competition was with write speeds — initial reviews showed consistent 80MB/s results. However, a new article over at PC Perspective that looks at Intel X25-M performance over a period of time shows that write speeds are dramatically reduced from everyday usage patterns. Average write speeds are shown to drop to half (40MB/s) or less in the worst cases, though the author does describe ways that users can recover some of the original drive speed using standard HDD testing tools." Reader MojoKid contributes related SSD news that researchers from the University of Tokyo have developed a new power supply system which will significantly reduce power consumption for NAND Flash memory.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - THQ Frontlines Fuel of War Alternate Reality Game (

micahfk writes: "THQ is running an alternate reality game in advance of its Frontlines: Fuel of War game due out Spring of 2008. The game has ten clues that need to be solved giving the person a chance to win a top gun experience (real-live dogfighting) at Air Combat USA. The site begins with a person looking for help to hack the web and solve the riddles:

Why is Exeo Incorporated keeping Countdown to War a secret? Help me hack the web for the ten passwords that will unlock the truth and qualify to win a trip to Air Combat USA's top gun school, plus a free copy of Frontlines: Fuel of War.

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