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Submission + - NASA researching LENR (aka cold fusion) and they are not alone. (

Moabz writes: There have been quite a few news reports about LENR lately. Unlike the drama about the Rossi e-cat, there seems to be a revival in legitimate scientific research into this area. University of Missouri is running a 5.5 million USD research project, and scientists at other institutes like Purdue, NASA, MIT, SRI, NRL are all looking into it.

A couple of days ago the Nuclear Energy Institute was talking about it on their facebook page and the American Nuclear Society posted a similar story on their "nuclear cafe". The University of Missouri will host a cold fusion conference in July this year and the topic will also be discussed in a talk at the upcoming "Nuclear & Emerging Technologies for Space (NETS-2013) organized by the ANS starting coming Monday.

Submission + - European commission recommends research in Fleischmann-Pons effect (

An anonymous reader writes: In a recently released report (page 23-26), the european commission recommends funding for research into the Fleischmann-Pons effect. This topic is also called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), it is basically the same thing as what is generally known as cold fusion, but without the negative connotation.

What do they know about this topic that makes them conclude that it deserves funding, when the rest of the scientific world seems to still believe that this is absolute crackpot and not worthy ?

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