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Comment Re:Do you now realize why Trump won? (Score 1) 600

I suppose every cloud has a silver lining. That the TPP is dead is good news for NZ, amongst others.
Our lick-spittle Govt signed up as fast as they could and promised us US copyright laws and multi-nationals not answerable to national Courts. Awesome.

After seeing what Australia got from a supposed 'free-trade' agreement with the US a few years ago did not engender confidence. Aussie could not have wheat included and they are one of the major world producers. Naturally our primary produce (sheepmeat / beef etc.) did not get a look in from the TPP either.

There will now be renewed interest in what the Chinese have to offer with their version.
However, Trump is still a f***wit.

Comment Re:Wrong but consistent with CA politicians ... (Score 1) 618

Hardly a CA only issue.
In New Zealand one of our major cities -Christchurch- got whacked by a major earthquake a few years ago.

The current (National/ right-wing) government specifically gave exemptions to allow Chinese reinforcing steel etc. for the rebuild. It has now been found that the Chinese steel is shit and not as 'ductile' or flexible enough to withstand any future shocks. The test certificates that come with the Chinese steel are not worth the paper they aren't printed on.

The Chinese have threatened NZ with a trade war (our largest export market) if we get into quality/ dumping issues which is what the pricks have been doing.
NZ makes it owns reinforcing mesh with trustworthy certificates which has been seriously undercut.

Submission + - Uber could be banned in New Zealand over safety concerns (nzherald.co.nz)

MoaDweeb writes: Uber — scourge of the taxi industry- is at risk of being banned from New Zealand.
Apparently Uber are not vetting their drivers criminal and medical history sufficiently:

'Uber could be banned in New Zealand if it fails to comply with safety laws, Transport Minister Simon Bridges says.
A ban was not the Government's preferred option, but passenger safety was paramount, Bridges said today.
All drivers in New Zealand need to have a passenger or "P" endorsement to be able to operate a passenger service vehicle.This includes a police check, a fit-and-proper person inspection and regular checks that the driver is able to provide a transport service.
Some Uber drivers already have P endorsements.
But the company has also been carrying out its own vetting policy, which falls short of the standards required under New Zealand law.'

Probably will not amount to much however consistent with Uber's worldwide policy of 'our way not your way'.

Comment Re:If it was that easy and worked that well (Score 2) 170

From an articles at Ars Technica today:

'So is this a breakthrough demonstration of carbon storage that can be emulated around the world? Not necessarily. It’s not entirely clear what it is about the CarbFix site that allowed such rapid mineralization. It could be some combination of characteristics of the geology and groundwater chemistry, although the researchers think their approach of dissolving the CO2 in water before injection played a role.

Charlotte Sullivan studies CO2 storage in basalt at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. She told Ars that slower rates of mineralization are expected in other locations that have been studied. '

Not as cut and dried as our Australian climate denying mates would have you assume. If it can be replicated then that would be interesting.

Comment Re:Sad truth: No Jail Time or RICO confiscation (Score 2) 110

Tax avoidance - the LEGAL minimisation of taxation due.
Tax evasion - the ILLEGAL minimisation of tax due.

Evasion gets you a cell mate, avoidance does not.

Regardless of your own views of what should constitute avoidance/ evasion these people do not appear to have done anything illegal.
  Whether it is moral is another question.

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