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Operating Systems

Submission + - Open Sound System now also Open Source ( 2

Timothy Farrar writes: "The Open Sound System has now also been released with a BSD license for open source development on BSD based systems. Starting in 1995, Finland's Hannu Savolainen and California's Dev Mazumdar, founders of 4Front Technologies single handedly build what was to become the standard portable audio API for all the major Unix and BSD incarnations, the Open Sound System (OSS). In June of 2007 they started open sourcing a decade of proprietary development by releasing OSS v4.0 with a GPLv2 and CDDL license. Over the past 13 years when Windows has had over four major rewrites of its core audio APIs, the Unix/BSD based Open Sound System is still going strong, providing modern surround sound audio drivers for popular Unix applications like MPlayer. Dev and Hannu undoubtedly deserve our gratitude and thanks for all they have done, and especially now that they have fully open sourced their work!"

Submission + - What video games can I play with my girlfriend? 4

tieTYT writes: My girlfriend and I really like video games, but we usually play them on our own. What are some great two player video games out there that are just perfect for couples?

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