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BBC Chooses Microsoft DRM Platform 384

bazorg writes "The BBC has chosen Microsoft's DRM technology to limit the viewing of content downloaded from their website. These downloads would allow viewers to catch up on shows that were broadcast on the previous 7 days; they would be compatible only with Windows Media Player and a new product called 'iPlayer'. This iPlayer is not yet available for platforms other than MS Windows, which caused the Open Source Consortium (OSC) to file a complaint to national and EU authorities. 'The BBC aims to make its content as widely available as possible and has always taken a platform agnostic approach to its internet services. It is not possible to put an exact timeframe on when BBC iPlayer will be available for Mac users. However, we are working to ensure this happens as soon as possible and the BBC Trust will be monitoring progress on a six monthly basis.'"

Submission + - Google Summer of Code applications close today

SigurdMagnusson writes: "Students wanting to be one of the 800 to get paid to work over the summer months and contribute to major open source projects via Google's Summer of Code have until 5pm PDT (i.e. California) on Monday to do so. There's over 100 projects to contribute to, covering a wide spectrum including NMap, GCC, PostgreSQL, OpenMRS and SilverStripe."

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