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Comment Re:No patent (Score 2) 242

No patent in the world can restrict me from doing what I see fit with the things that I own.

Yeah, I heard the same things about DMCA.
It didn't restrict what you could do, but it did prevent others from building tools to help you do it.

So you do whatever you want with that printer cartridge.
But I hope you can build a custom fireproof printer, because printers you can actually buy will crash and burn trying to use "non-approved" cartridges.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 40

then I go to those vendor's sites directly and order off the vendor's eComm store directly. (And if there's a price difference, I contact support before-hand and get my item priced-matched with the Amazon deal.)

Can you elaborate or give some examples?
I have googled for things I find on Amazon to price-compare, but in best case scenario the price is the same and shipping cost is high making it more expensive in total. Do you also get vendors to match shipping costs?

You must be thinking of Groupon product "deals" that are usually 20% more costly than same item sold by other retailers.

Comment Re:To ad or not to ad (Score 1) 49

So Google wants to add paid audio clips that don't sound like Ads but are descriptions of timely partner products?

Yeah, good one: "That might not be, in the early instances, anything that has to do with commercials at all. It might just be something something that adds value to the consumer without needing to be commercialized."

What if we, the customers (not consumers!) do not want to have value-added shoved down our throats? Whose value is it, anyway?
Plus note the "in early instances". So they will run this program for a few months, before it is just regular paid ads?

Comment Re:Good (Score 2, Informative) 320

The people on metered connections, or those who care enough to set their non-metered connections to metered just to try to get some control, may finally be pushed to try something new.

Don't worry, they'll be sent back to Microsoft by the RTFM crowd and issues with gaming, miscellaneous required software and hardware support.

I'm always impressed at how well Mint has worked on any recent installs, and I haven't come across any showstoppers for my use.

Let me ask you this -- have you had to research your hardware first?
Last time (a few years ago, admittedly), I complained about issues getting WiFi in Ubuntu to work, I was told (here) that I should have researched my hardware better before trying to install.

Don't get me wrong, I prefer Linux for work and for command line convenience. But as a personal computer there are still some gaps.

Now I'll wait for being down-modded by everyone claiming that their grandma has been running custom Linux for years without ever noticing that it replaced her Windows box. (I would really like to meet one of those grandmas!)

Comment Re:This is the problem with corporate income tax. (Score 1) 448

Corporate tax itself is a kind of double taxation: a corporation is made up of people who pay income tax

Ok, I am not a tax specialist, but isn't corporate tax applied to profit?
Wouldn't people's salaries (on which they pay income taxes) count as a corporate expense and be deducted from the profit already?

The problem with corporate income tax is that it is always possible for a mutlinational corporation to shift its profits to whichever country offers the lowest tax rate

I believe the solution is to prevent shifting profit (forbid "licensing" costs that transfer profit from one country to another).

remember the court battle in which the E.U. argued that Apple owed more taxes to the Irish government, despite the fact that the Irish government didn't even want those revenues? This is the kind of absurdity that results from corporate taxes.

Not absurd at all. Ireland tried to do something E.U. membership explicitly forbids. Whether they "wanted" these taxes from Apple is completely irrelevant.

Comment Re: Rough edges visible miles away (Score 2) 92

99.9% of the people flying have a cell phone, but keep coming up with these potentially insightful thoughts.

And the phone never runs out of charge unexpectedly.
Also, a phone would never refuse to connect to internet when you are trying to download your ticket in line in the airport (happened to me a few months ago).

Comment Re:Its too early IMO (Score 1) 202

If that was true human drivers would already be out of a job, since about 5000 people are killed every year in trucking accidents.

Let me rephrase the original poster a little bit:

"the first time some driverless 80,000-pound semi has been hacked remotely and piles full speed into a busload of kids..."

An accident is one thing, but human drivers cannot be hacked.
A student of mine just had to delay his application to a cybersecurity PhD program because the website has been defaced and disabled.

Comment Re:non-issue then (Score 1) 421

State laws that make it much more expensive to hire women force companies to pay less to us. I know when, for example, my husband only got two weeks off but I got eight weeks off, that the law made it much more expensive to hire me versus a male.

I think government should subsidize the cost difference to employers.
Legislating equality but leaving extra costs (as in this example) up to the employer will not end well.

Comment Re:IF you live in a large city it might work (Score 1) 136

IF you live in a large city it might work

I doubt it. The automated checkout systems I have seen are a complete disaster and that's a much simpler use case
There is a full time person there to consult when the purchase gets stuck (CVS). It gets stuck a lot.
It is easily confused and misses you putting items in a bag after scan -- and I tried using it with 3-4 item purchase at most.
They have completely removed the cash option in my nearby CVS (I assume it wasn't working well, other places have cash option)

Are delivery people/cashiers so expensive? How much are they saving, anyway?

Comment Re:constitutional protections don't apply (Score 1) 514

They cannot deny a citizen entry without cause, they can deny them their possessions or hold them for a "reasonable time."

Unfortunately, few people can afford to test these rules -- as having your possessions and not "being held for a reasonable time" may be integral to keeping your job.

Comment Re:Web don'ts (Score 2) 116

Autoplay video has been on every year's "Top 10 Web Don'ts" list since at least 1998

Topped in the same list only by Autoplay of loud sounds before you can even spot the video on the page.

For some reason there is no obvious browser mechanism to disable sound by default. It's very rare that I want a webpage to be able to speak. So explicit permission would be nice.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Digital Divide. (Score 1) 325

if I have to choose between making my website shiny and make it small, 9/10 will prioritise the UX for users with high bandwidth

And then some of them will also make a mobile-version website that insists on showing up even when terribly broken and even if your phone can handle the non-mobile website.

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