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Comment Re:Trump is fine with gay marriage... (Score 1) 615

And that's what all her "public positions" are like: carefully crafted messages to voting blocs; once she's in power, she won't give a fuck about any of that.

Our election is, once again, between A) "candidate who says what I like to hear, but probably won't do it" and B) "candidate who says what I hate and will certainly do it".

I agree that Clinton is clearly option A), but that is still not enough of an argument to support option B).

Also, don't Supreme Court judges change their mind based on popular opinion? (e.g., gay marriage)

Comment Re:"we don't even know if it's accurate informatio (Score 5, Insightful) 689

clarifying what she meant in that transcript

Can anyone explain what the controversy is about?

First, every politician does have a public and private position on issues. That's a given, unless you think everyone just honestly shares their actual private beliefs during campaigns?

Second, it is perfectly acceptable -- e.g., "I am going to help pass the law legalizing X as promised to voters, but personally I think X should remain banned"

Comment Re:Retailers are holding us in the stone age (Score 2) 311

They SHOULD be liable when they're the roadblocks preventing customers from having good security.

Bah, security of the credit card itself was never an issue because customer is not liable anyway

If credit cards issuers stopped granting credit based on address+birthday+SSN, that would be a bigger improvement.

I'd much rather my credit card number leaked compared to hack losing address/SSN info. Credit card can be blocked and re-issued. Address/SSN info, not so much.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 141

Prime is mostly a scam anyway.

Not true.
I am yet to see a seller that can GUARANTEE actual arrival date. I have seen free shipping and I have seen fast shipping, but with anyone else you are GUESSING when the item will arrive. Could be very fast or could be later. Point is -- with other sellers you don't know when your item will arrive.

Comment Re:Legal (Score 4, Insightful) 211


If we decide to change our privacy statement, we will post changes here in the Legal section of the Website so that you are aware of what information has changed. We reserve the right to modify our privacy statement at any time, so please check back here.

Maybe they already changed it to say "actually, all your base are belong to us". Is it really reasonable to ask users to compulsively check the agreement in case they changed it?

Apple Developer's EULA requires our confirmation when rules change, but since they change every month or so and present you with 50 pages of new rules, only companies that have a room of of lawyers on retainer can possibly keep up.

Comment Re:Who know if it will happen: Absolutely nobody (Score 1) 387

Obama probably privately approves of what Snowden did at this point in time ..., but politically he isn't going to get involved ....

What makes you say that?
I am very curious about people who say "Yes, Obama/Trump/Clinton is doing bad things, but in private (or secretly!) they actually mean well. It's all politics."
Based on what was done and said, the more likely interpretation is that Obama does not approve of Snowden.

Comment Re:And when do they start training their replaceme (Score 2) 239

This is the real tech world folks. Keep your kids out of it unless they absolutely love it on their own. It is an ageist world which has no loyalty to workers at all,

So, which industry can't be described with those words today?
Some industry that shows loyalty to workers long-term? Doesn't suffer from ageism?

Comment Re: Drunk driving is a serious crime that kills pe (Score 1) 258

Be responsible. ... I can't believe any mods have modded this up as "informative."

You have conveniently ignored at least one item from GP posting. Specifically, that claim:

the definition of 'alcohol related accident' meaning ANY person involved having a measurable amount of alcohol (including passengers and pedestrians) leads to the inflating of numbers and 'proof' that we need even stupider laws.

(If true) that alone seems like a problem negating ANY meaningful statistics on a number of "alcohol-related" accidents.

Comment Re:Apparently... (Score 2) 421

The vast majority of software will run under Linux in one way or another.

Linux did not gain more ground precisely because of this. I believe the devil is in the one way or another part. You probably can get almost any software to work, but it is not a "double-click this" level of effort.

I usually forget what software I started to install (on CentOS, typically) by the time the 5th library had to be added.

The only major exceptions are games, and even many of those will work.

Do you mean natively or through Wine (or such)? With all of the fun of determining the required configuration settings online?

The user interface in Ubuntu is "good enough for grandma".

It is really time for someone to do a proper study because I have difficulties believing that statement -- but that's all too anecdotal.

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