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Journal Journal: Geez. I feel honoured.

First off, I'd just like to publicly mock all the geeks out there who are incessently drooling over LadyGuardian's breasts. *ahem*

Let's see....seeing as how I really don't use this account as much as I probably should, I'll just throw down some random comments as possible fodder for those who know I exist in this realm.

  1. I hate politics. With a passion. I think Dubbya should be shot. I mean, the guy's only president because there was a tie and the other guy stepped down. Not to say that Gore would've done any better, but heck, if we're going to throw the whole checks and balances deal out the window anyway, might as well just bring Clinton back. Ignoring what he does in the bedroom because it's none of our business, he wasn't all that horrible. I'll just continue living my life and hope the war doesn't affect my life too aversely...unless I get to do research on biochemical weapons in the future. Come on, it'd be cool, you know it!
  2. A troupe of 16 out of my dojo are going to Tuscany for a week to train. Classes will have started by then. Should I care?
  3. A troupe of at least 10 out of my hockey team are supposed to be going to Milan for a weekend for a tournament. I've not heard back about that yet. But come hell or high water, I'm going. I'll let you know how it goes. And btw LG, I never did hear back from that Swiss team. TT
  4. A troupe of 1 out my bedroom is going to spend August 2003 in Florence, with a very good chance of coming home with a credit. Can we say ding ding ding???
  5. Need a job. Would like a job. Can't find a job...that won't make me feel like an absolute tool for applying because I don't have perfektes Deustchkenntnisse. Bastards.
  6. Speaking of jobs, are there any ideas/ops for a one in summer 2004? My options right now are junior falconer at the African Lion Safari (Cambridge), lab bitch at school (Kingston), something of indeterminate nature in Vancouver, or factory worker in smalltown Indiana. A little help, please?

That's all I've got for now. Back to work for me.

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Journal Journal: We're off to see the Wizard!

*dancing a one-man conga line*

Home home home home home HOME!

I've still got that list of shit to accomplish before leaving at 5:20am Thursday morning to get my ass to the Hauptbahnhof so I can train it to Frankfurt and catch my 10:25 flight to Detroit then good ol' TO! For example, buy a few bottles of local wine, a black forest cake (and ham...), check baggage restrictions, register for next semester, make sure I still have a bloody ticket, pack, convince everyone that I'm going to be in Switzerland doing a hockey (-watching) tour just so I can get back and surprise people.

I don't think Germany has ever looked this good!

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Journal Journal: The Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich...among other stuff

You know what it's like when you meet those people who have SO MUCH TO SAY, but are annoying to the point where no one will listen? Yeah, the kind where the internal pressure in their heads just builds and builds and builds till the dyke collapses and it's released in a tidal wave of epic proportions on an unwitting victim. Well, I had the pleasure of being such a victim last night. Some of my boys tried to save me, but hey, I'm here to learn about German culture, right? ^_^

SO, Hitler was a street kid growing up in the back alleys of Vienna. He took it upon himself to wonder why he had it so poorly when those crazy Jews were so rich - anti-Semitic literature has a way of warping impressionable minds. Having volunteered for the German forces in WWI, he was assigned as a message carrier to the front lines and amazingly lived through it. In the economic havoc - debt, inflation, poverty in general - that followed, he began to talk to friends and comrades. Why do those Jews have so much while you have so little? Your life savings are going for a single loaf of bread while they are fat off of your money! We must take our money and country back! While the communists were shot and the monarchists talked out of control by the higher-up officials, Hitler stepped up to take the reins in 1933.

*lol* This whole thing (and this is the condensed version) took about 15 minutes - I also got the life story, where he lives and where he used to live and why, what he does for a living, what he studies, how the education system works, why the Americans were able to drop the A-bombs instead of Canada, why Bush is an idiot and how he's working all this Sept11 shit against Iraq...sometimes, you just have to listen to people and you'll learn a lot more than by asking questions.

It takes a certain type of girl to play hockey. These types are rare in this country. But I found one, a fresh import from Ottawa last night! Does anyone care to send more over? I need to start a cult over here, it's big enough in the GTA already.

I think I should start my own travel agency. There's a certain satisfaction to be gleaned from finding a rock bottom price whose existence no commercial agency will ever admit, student discount or not. Can we say return flight from FRA to YYZ for 315? I think we can!!
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Journal Journal: So this is how it is...

So. I'm an Ex. That's right, not just an ex, but an Ex. And not the good kind of Ex, like the this-is-by-choice and it's-just-better-this-way kind of Ex, but the other kind, the what-just-happened and why-don't-you-love-me-anymore kind. ...and I don't think I like it.

So it starts out, the two of you are thick as thieves, as they say, always together, telling each other everything, being a part of one another. But those little imperceptible changes have a way of sneaking up, agglutinating, then digesting you like the puny microbe you are.

I'm not a fighter, but when I get pulled forcibly into one, boy can it be a doozie. A week long extravaganza, if you will. Sure, "issues are brought out into the open," but I remain secure in my opinion that there is a less unpleasant way to do it. To try, seriously and reasonably, to debate an issue that is very close to your heart while dealing with an opponent who is attacking everything that makes you YOU, this just opens the floor to stuff that just cannot, no matter how much either one would like to, be taken back. Forgiven maybe, but never forgotten. Then the fights start to come a little more often, take a little longer to resolve, be a little more vicious each time, till both parties are just miserable. So I don't fight. Those of you who know me, I'm not a crier either. Or so I thought. Things like this have a way of effecting changes that would not otherwise occur.

Why do opposites attract? G and I are so completely opposite in every way, yet somehow we managed to hit it off - you name it, we'll disagree on it. But at least we were willing to try and see it from the other person's point of view. But when, about 8 months and a lifetime later, I'm told that "NO, you can't think like that, it's just not the way the world works, that's not interesting at all, you need to conform more and make other people like you, just accept it, don't question it," I think that's where I draw the line.

"But can we still be friends?" Mmmm...I like salt, just not in my wounds. I could never understand why this concept, admirable as it is, was so difficult to accomplish, especially after a longer relationship. I could never understand why it didn't work, why one or the other had to be so uncooperative. You had something good going on, didn't you? Don't force them to do something they don't want to do, just keep it on good terms, be amicable, don't lose a friend. But...when to see or talk to that now-friend is just a reminder that somehow, in some way, you're *just not good enough* hurts. To willing give yourself completely, heart, mind, and soul, into someone else's hands, then have them take it and keep it for awhile, then give it back and move on to other interests while you hurts. To honestly be able to see yourself with that person 2 or 5 or 10 years down the road, and maybe beyond, and share that with them, just to have them inwardly cringe and slowly back hurts. To share your innermost being with that person, removing all the masks that we usually wear with most other people in our lives, and be told they don't like what they hurts. To be happy enough to want to make a long-distance relationship work, it's not that hard really, and seeing the other person digging in their heels a little harder with every passing day and hurts. And to be reminded of this every single time you see them...fucking eh. Some friend.

Am I being over-dramatic in saying all of this? Am I analyzing too deeply? Is it really so simple, just being friends? I believe that to love someone, whether as friend or more than that, is to accept everything about them and respect them enough to inform them how you feel if something is off. To love someone is to not try and change them (as opposed to try and not change them) - you can't "help" someone who doesn't want to be, and you can't "correct" someone who honestly believes they've done nothing wrong.

And having said this, I will keep reminding myself, as Andrea and Heather have, that if he is not willing or able to love me for what I am, there are others who will.

Still, it doesn't make it hurt any less.

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Journal Journal: Sore throats

Da da da, dada DA!
(Opening line to Super Mario Theme)

    Let's see, what's new in the life of Misty? Have gotten some unpleasant phone calls of late. Am not quite sure how to respond in kind; considering sending email bombs instead. Or using the password decryption program that Caller sent me in order to fill Caller's Inbox with the midget porn that Caller so seems to love.

    Else...have finally succeeded in getting some kind of strange German sickness...not the measles, but swallowing seems to be requiring added effort of late. May be related to aforementioned Calls. Will install more midget porn to compensate, just in case.

    I want Whuffie.

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Journal Journal: Newbie! 1

Greetings friends!

Just wanted to announce my presence on the /. scene! Feel free to message me (or however it is the system works here) - I tend to sit back and watch at first because I'm SHY!!!!!!

Hope to get to know you in the coming _____!

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