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Submission + - Japan Quake Pushes Up Memory Chip Prices (

RedEaredSlider writes: Prices for memory chips are rising as the earthquake in Japan has raised supply chain concerns.

DRAMeXchange, which reports spot process for memory chips, showed increases across most industry segments over the last few days. Spot prices for Flash memory went up as much as 5.57 percent on Tuesday.

IHS iSuppli issued a report noting that the problems are not just in damage to the plants themselves, which in most cases was minor, but the infrastructure that supports them. "Impacts on the transportation and power infrastructure will result in disruptions of supply, resulting in the short supply and rising prices," the firm said.


Signs of Water Found On Saturnian Moon Enceladus 79

Matt_dk writes "Scientists working on the Cassini space mission have found negatively charged water ions in the ice plume of Enceladus. Their findings, based on analysis from data taken in plume fly-throughs in 2008 and reported in the journal Icarus, provide evidence for the presence of liquid water, which suggests the ingredients for life inside the icy moon. The Cassini plasma spectrometer, used to gather this data, also found other species of negatively charged ions including hydrocarbons."

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