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Comment Re:Galaxy 7 (Score 1) 126

The problem was also present in later cars too, I think the Mustang and Crown Vic had the same issue, they sandwiched the gas tank vertically behind the differential pumpkin. That way in a rear end crash, it crushed the gas tank and ruptured it. They fixed it in later models by mounting the gas tank horizontally atop the pumpkin. The Pinto Wagon had problems with the gas filler neck too, IIRC.

I had a Fire Engine Red 1972 Pinto in high school. I had a "Danger: Flammable" bumper sticker on it as was the fashion at the time!

It was a great car, it's top speed was 77 MPH on a flat road, pedal to the floor and you couldn't redline the engine. The German 1600cc 4 cylinder engine was one of the best ever made. The Canadian 2300cc one was a bit more powerful, but the 1600 was more reliable.

Got many miles on it until it finally required a manual points adjustment (tune up) every week or so. I even had sex in that car, and man, that was very difficult, but not impossible! :D

As for the phone, I have an S7 Edge and it's great, no battery issues. They should have used the same ones in the Note, but they probably had to make it smaller for the pen storage area, I'm guessing.

Comment Re:Malware in torrents (Score 0) 86

By "manufacturers" I meant either their marketing/sales forces or the agents they might employ like RightsCorp or whoever. Of course, all plausible deniability forces would be in play, so fingering the actual game publisher/mfr. would be difficult to impossible.

Poisoned or fake Downloads, Torrents, etc. is an old RIAA/MPAA favorite, either to waste the time of the downloader or to try and "teach them a lesson".

Comment Re:Malware in torrents (Score 2) 86

You realize those are usually put there by the game's manufacturer's, right? They are trying to put the "fear of God" into people (like you) downloading the cracks, etc. as their twisted form of anti-piracy.

Game crackers/release groups thrive on getting it out first, and doing it right, so why would they promulgate viruses? It would surely ruin the groups' reputation if it got out there.

Plus, all the anti-malware programs flag such stuff as harmless keygens all as "PUP" or worse, "trojans" or other unspecified malware. This doesn't help the confusion either, as you really don't know if it's benign or an actual piece of malware. Running in a VM is the only solution, and restore prior state after running the "crack", because you really don't know whether it did anything malicious or not.

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