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Submission + - ESPN opens scoring app development competition (go.com)

Miros writes: ESPN Innovation is hosting a scoring app development competition with over $10,000 in prizes. The objective is to test out an experimental Open Scoring API called ALPS. ALPS is designed to enable the community to build better applications for capturing data from under-reported collegiate and local athletic events. Quoting:

We are looking for a few things. Developers can provide us with real-world feedback on the design of our API which is crucial for its long-term success. Does our API capture the right information, and is it structured in a way that will enable developers to leverage it quickly and effectively? We also want to test out the mechanics of our Open model. What support structures do we need to have in place to engage the community effectively? There are likely applications and features that we have not thought of but that the community would make good use of. What would motivate a developer to build an app that leverages our API? Where can we add value to the ecosystem, and how can we refine our approach so that it is a “win” for everyone involved?

Feed Engadget: I2T security camera generates searchable text transcript in real-time (engadget.com)

Researchers in California have developed a prototype camera called I2T that can capture video, parse out the background, analyze the action, and then export the content to a text file "that can be searched using simple text search," according to Song-Chun Zhu, lead researcher and professor of statistics and computer science at UCLA. Using a database of over two million images, the system is pretty good at annotating surveillance footage, which generally relies on a static camera. Before the technology can be commercialized, however, they need to significantly expand the database. "If set loose on random images or videos found online," writes Technology Review, the camera would "struggle to perform." If Song-Chun Zhu is interested, we have a library of Greatest American Hero images we can donate to the cause (they're left over from our other blog, GreatestAmericanHeroFanfiction.blogspot.com). Check out the links below to see it in action. [Warning: PDF source link]

I2T security camera generates searchable text transcript in real-time originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 02 Jun 2010 12:13:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Submission + - John Chen: What's Behind SAP's Sybase Buy (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: Since the merger announcement, Sybase has not granted interviews to the press. But in March, before rumors about the merger began circulating, John Gallant, Chief Content Officer for IDG Enterprise, and Eric Knorr, Editor in Chief of InfoWorld, sat down with Chen for an hour-long chat as part of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series. The interview explores how Chen was able to pull Sybase back from the brink and establish the company as a key mobile enterprise player. The result is a discussion rare in its frankness — one that provides retroactive insight into the real reasons SAP found Sybase so attractive.

Comment Re:When I was breaking in (Score 1) 726

Piece of cake. Start debug.exe and assemble and run:

xor ax,ax
xor bx,bx
inc bx
add ax,bx
cmp bx,64 ;64 hex = 100 decimal
jb 0104 ;_loop
call 0114 ;_printInt
mov ax,4c01
int 21 ;return to DOS
;Prints the value in AX to STDOUT in decimal
mov bx,ffff
mov cx,000a
mov byte ptr [013f],30 ;_intTemp
xor dx,dx
div cx
or dl,30
inc bx
mov [bx+013f],dl ;_intTemp
cmp ax,0000
jnz 011f ;_printLoop1
mov ah,02
mov dl,[bx+013f] ;_intTemp
int 21
dec bx
cmp bx,ffff
jnz 0132 ;_printLoop2
;This is a stack to hold the digits before printing them
db "65535"

The answer is 5050.

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