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Data Storage

Distinguishing Encrypted Data From Random Data? 467

gust5av writes "I'm working on a little script to provide very simple and easy to use steganography. I'm using bash together with cryptsetup (without LUKS), and the plausible deniability lies in writing to different parts of a container file. On decryption you specify the offset of the hidden data. Together with a dynamically expanding filesystem, this makes it possible to have an arbitrary number of hidden volumes in a file. It is implausible to reveal the encrypted data without the password, but is it possible to prove there is encrypted data where you claim there's not? If I give someone one file containing random data and another containing data encrypted with AES, will he be able to tell which is which?"

Submission + - ESR Condems Censorship of Anti-Female Material (ibiblio.org)

Mirell writes: "ESR has decided to condemn the censorship of mikeeUSA from SourceForge, a person well-known for their repeated harassment of women in open-source. The code in question contained hateful, vile comments either in the games or source code. It's worth nothing the woman in question only asked as a third-party for a code review of SourceForge by the board, and did not actually make the decision to remove it herself."

Submission + - Why the heck are people still using POP3? (emailserviceguide.com) 2

Siker writes: Email Service Guide asked "Why the heck are people still using POP3 [...instead of IMAP]?" Remarkably the answer does not seem to be "because they don't know any better" because at Email Discussions an intense debate erupted over the topic. In this day of large storage server accounts and multiple access devices for email accounts, is there a reason other than habit for POP3?

Submission + - Windows: From the beginning to Seven (channelinsider.com)

dasButcher writes: Nearly a quarter-century has passed since Windows 1.01 hit the market. Since then, nearly 30 different primary versions of the operating system have either been developed or released to market — each with varying degrees of performance and success, and Vista wasn't the first major failure. Here's a look back at the major versions of Windows over the last 25 years (http://www.channelinsider.com/c/a/Microsoft/Windows-Start-to-Seven-151438/), including some forgotten versions such as Windows Neptune.

Submission + - Fake anti-virus software hacks PCs for cash (expertreviews.co.uk)

spge writes: I've spent the last couple of months locating malicious websites and testing anti-virus software, and one thing that's very clear is that fake anti-virus programs are all over the place. The ones we've seen tend to install themselves automatically, as a 'drive-by download', although it's perfectly possible to download and install them directly from certain websites intentionally.

When Symantec announced that it has identified 250 different types we thought it might be useful to write a news story about it and to use video footage taken in our virus lab to illustrate what these fake anti-virus programs look like. As you'll see if you click through to the story, they are pretty convincing!


Submission + - Astro Boy Director on the Challenge of Animating S (amctv.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The director of Flushed Away David Bowers discusses his new Japanese manga adaptation, shares his science fiction influences and relates Astro Boy's thematic relationship to Star Wars.

Submission + - Time Warner Educates Consumers Via ToS (gigaom.com)

Mirell writes: "Time Warner cable has recently changed their Terms of Service, so that they are allowed to charge you at their discretion via consumption-based billing. They recently were shot done a few months ago after raising the wrath of many subscribers and several politicians. Now they're trying again, but since they make exclusions for their own voice and video to not count against their cap, this could raise the wrath of the FCC."
User Journal

Journal Journal: I wonder 2

I wonder if I'll get an achievement for writing in my journal...


Submission + - Will Liquid Nitrogen Blend (youtube.com)

Mark Miller writes: "Just merely to see whether the Blendtec blender could withstand the heat of a potentially tough item to blend, it was turned down a notch with liquid nitrogen. And neither the blender nor user were harmed, so that's some remarkable plastic and mechanics in those things."

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