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Comment Re:And what are the other terms? (Score 1) 213

Pluto would be a Planet orbiting Sol. The Moon would be a Planet and moon of Earth. So you have Astroids, Planets, and Comets (Comets being Asteroids that have tails). Earth has one planet orbiting it, Luna or the Moon, It has many Astroids orbiting it. This system works no matter what star system you are dealing with.

Comment Re:Copenhagen Interpretation (Score 1) 82

Many interpretations are that it is actually a wave, and not a particle at all during travel. So it isn't "two places at the same time" so much as it is a wave. From the perspective of this wave though travel is instantaneous (time does not pass), so its not breaking a law being a particle at one place, a wave during the travel, then a particle at the end point.

Comment Re:Hurry up (Score 1) 626

Not all H1Bs go to Silicon Valley, keeping them out wouldn't help other States, it might help other countries as you suggest.

I do agree we should crack down on H1B abuse, but the idea at heart is a good one. I think they should give priority to converting Student Visa to H1B. I've known a few foreign student visas who have done so, but they didn't get any priority. If there person is already here at a student it makes sense to keep them here as an employee, no reason to lose those we educate.

Comment Re:Shocking (Score 1) 383

Uber is 100% right on this one, though. They have a licensed driver in the front seat in command.

It depends upon how its implemented and sold to its customers really.

1) Commercial vehicles have stricter regulations than private vehicles. These self driving cars are NOT owned by the operator like traditional Ubers, they appear to be owned by Uber corporate.
2) The self driving regulations in the states that allow it are trying to achieve a balance, they are giving the driver more freedom to say txt and drive during the testing.

If anyone gets killed by one of these Uber test, expect California to go after Uber corporate hard. This is a liability nightmare that Uber should stop and think about.

Comment Re:Difference in work product (Score 1) 587

These people you talk about are the incompetent ones. The outsourced workers are no better in this area, in fact they are often much much worse. The competent programmers in India generally get a scholarship to the US or Europe, few of them stay in India. This causes a brain drain in India where the ones left are average at best. The education system there also has a big problem with college degrees being purchased. With this bigger population its much harder to shift through them to find competent employees who haven't already been snatched up.

Comment Already exist (Score 1) 143

This stuff mostly already exist, and device with GPS (which these would have to have in order to be geoblocked in the first place), has places in the world they won't work. Primarily though they can't go over a certain speed or altitude, this is to avoid commerical GPS units from being used for guided missiles.

Comment Re:Not really competition. (Score 2) 116

Yep, this is about web games only. That said, WebGL is becoming a powerful replacement, its certainly better than Flash. With Unity now providing an export to WebGL option. Its nice in a way to see WebGL take off. Sure this isn't the future of PC gaming, but it certainly can be a great opportunity for hobbyist and small publishers. It would be smart of Steam to support WebGL games to some degree.

Comment Re:Have to go to learn (Score 1) 222

On the opposite, the most compelling reason to only send robots is that you can sanitize people or plants (you might be able to sanitize seeds, I'm not sure though), without killing them, we cant' even fully sanitize the outside of a spacesuit really, especially if it has to arrive in a craft inhabited by people for months. We haven't yet started really digging into martian soil and examining it closely to find out if there was ever life there. The minute we send people there, we have contaminated Mars. Yes we should eventually send life there, but lets not destroy the evidence before we've even collected it.

Comment Re:How to Break Out? (Score 1) 1042

I think the idea is that theoretically if we could contact the owners of the simulation they could possibly download our minds and place us into their reality. These billionaires don't understand that their billions mean nothing to the simulation owners, they can't bribe their way out. Maybe, just maybe if you are a super genius above all geniuses in even their simulation, they might see a reason to download you. Might..

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