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Submission + - Why Are Ontario Cottage Rentals so Popular?

MillerMartinez429 writes: Cottage rentals have become very popular in Ontario. If you didn't travel much, you might think they are isolated and rarely full. But that's far from the truth. They are very demanded and if you'll browse through the charts, you might have the surprise to see most of them booked for weeks. See more at

People prefer them because they are cost-effective and allow them to be close to nature. Also, they can set your own schedule and act as if they're Canadian. You can take care of your family, go and get groceries and wander around as if you'd really live there. If you'll do your own cleaning, you can save the cleaning fee too.

Many travelers want to try this experience because they have few days off a year and just want to relax, far away from the crowd, stress and traffic. Hotels are usually placed in key places of the towns or cities so it's quite tough to find a quiet one, where you won't get bothered by other clients. Most of them are near busy roads, full of noise and pollution. When you're exhausted and just want some time off alone with your family, the atmosphere of a hotel can get on your nerves.

The costs are obviously important too. It’s true that there is no food or drink supply in cottages, but you can get your own from an inexpensive supermarket instead of wasting money buying from restaurants or fast foods. Not to mention that you can keep your diet and eat much healthier as you can control your meals as if you'd be at home. The kitchen is always equipped so you'll have everything you need.

Cottages are located near one of the 250,000 lakes in Ontario so people can practice plenty of recreational activities and discover the great outdoors. This helps them bond with loved ones in breath-taking surroundings. Big cities just makes people distracted and forget that they arrived there to spend some quality time together.

Variety adds popularity too. There is a cottage there in Ontario for each budget and preference. There are simple ones that offer you the basics, but there also are deluxe ones that have plenty of luxurious amenities. Most go for the average ones. They resemble somehow the comfort of their own home, which is another reason why people like them so much.

Hotels are depersonalized, while cottages seem more cozy and can easily feel like home. This accommodation makes you realize the importance of your family and friends. Sharing the discovery of the Canadian natural wonders and doing various activities together reestablishes and strengthens relationships. So don't hesitate to see for yourself how amazing it is to spend time in an Ontario cottage. Plan your next trip there and find the harmony that you're looking for.

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