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Comment Re:Apply (Score 1) 441

"professional staffing agencies (not "temp agencies")..."

A company that is truly a "professional staffing agency" is not a temp agency. Just as you say. So I wasn't referring to you.

There are "staffing agencies", and there are temp agencies. You know who you are. If you are not one, then I wasn't talking about you, was I?

I do agree about establishing a relationship with firms, and that is a motivation. But not all agencies -- and not all employers for that matter -- are looking for "permanent" solutions.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 518

Exactly. While OpenGL is compatible with 99% of the PC gaming market, it is compatible with 0% of the console market. D3D is compatible with 99% of the PC gaming market, and 30% (very rough estimate) of the console market. Linux and Mac aren't even a blip on the gaming market radar, so why would anybody bother with OpenGL in a marketing sense?

The few that do bother to do it in OpenGL get burned when they want to port it to the console, because instead of a simple re-package job, they have to do 10 times as much work to move to a console. It may not be a massive amount of work, no, but it is more work than necessary. That cuts into your profits. Besides, there will always be less to screw up going D3D to D3D.

Comment Re:Is there realy a problem? (Score 0, Flamebait) 437

I've personally felt like the whole thing was a scam from the beginning. But I tend to be skeptical of government in general. I just feel like it's easier to run a smear campaign on Toyota than to fix the reputations of General Motors and Ford. But it seems like if the Toyotas have as many problems as the media makes it seem, we would actually see Toyotas having problems. Also, it didn't seem to affect sales. It seems like the only people who don't trust Toyota anymore are people who drive non-Toyota vehicles. It reminds me of the Linux users who say Windows crashes all the time. Also, I noticed recently millions of General Motors vehicles were recalled due to power steering problems. They didn't get nearly as much publicity as Toyota.

Submission + - US ISP Blocking the Pirate Bay? (

Miladinoski writes: "Qwest customers complain about being unable to access the Swedish torrent tracker site The Pirate Bay, which was first reported by a user on the DSLReports forum and then confirmed by couple of others.

The reporting customer later talked with the tech support of Qwest which also said that were unable to access the site either. Is it just some technical glitch or has Qwest began blocking websites accused of infringement of copyrights, nobody knows, but it could cause their customers move on to another ISP if something like that happens in the future."

Comment Re:If you get rid of IE6, you will rid also Win2K (Score 2, Informative) 481

If you get rid of IE6 like this, you are forcing people to upgrade also to Win7!!! Remember, there is no Internet Explorer 7 for Win2k, All of us who have stayed away from Win XP and and Vista due to its dumb activation code will have to upgrade to Win7, because Mozilla is not always the answer.

Nobody is forcing you to upgrade to Windows 7, Opera runs mighty fine not only on Win2k but on win9x versions too without a huge memory leak...

You should consider using that instead of some crappy 8 years old browser that doesn't support something essential as PNG transparency.


First Beta of Opera 10 Released 278

Miladinoski writes "Opera Software ASA today released the first beta of their tenth version of the Opera browser. In addition to the browser's known features, like mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, voice navigation, mail and RSS support, speed dial and so forth, it now includes a Turbo mode which unclogs your connection to get faster browsing, a new interface, a tabbed browsing update and customizable speed dial. Opera 10 continues to follow the web standards by getting 100/100 and pixel-perfect scores on the Acid3 test. The beta is currently available for every modern OS platform."

Submission + - First beta of Opera 10 is out in the wilderness (

Miladinoski writes: "Opera Software ASA today released the newest beta of their tenth version of the Opera browser. In addition to their already known features that made it famous like mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, voice navigated browser, mail and RSS included into the browser, speed dial and so forth, it now includes a Turbo mode which unclogs your connection to get faster internet, a new interface, a tabbed browsing update, customisable speed dial but continues to follow the web standards by getting 100/100 and pixel-perfect scores on the Acid3 test.

You can grab the beta available for every modern OS platform here."


The Bling of the Ancients 61

If you think hip-hop stars like Flavor Flav started the craze of jewel-studded teeth, you'd be wrong. A new study shows that Native Americans were using sophisticated dentistry techniques to add bling to their smiles 2,500 years ago. These ancient people used notches, grooves, and semiprecious gems to beautify their teeth. According to the study, the dentistry was for purely cosmetic purposes. "They were not marks of social class," says José Concepción Jiménez, an anthropologist at Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History.

Palm Kills Community Before It Begins 247

Former Fan of Palm writes to tell us that an enthusiastic, supportive developer community has fallen victim to corporate ineptitude once again. The preDevCamp started as a community-driven effort designed to mirror the iPhoneDevCamp based on the new "Pre" product announced by Palm. Unfortunately, suspicion and legal posturing seems to have gutted the founders of any and all enthusiasm they may have once had. When will corporations realize that community support is the best way to drive success? "As a corporation, I acknowledge that Palm's only responsibility is to its shareholders. There's nothing self serving or evil about that; it's how things work in big business. However there are many keen and willing developers out there, who have been waiting for the arrival of WebOS. A development platform is only a success if it is broadly adopted. Instead of embracing the grassroots upswell of interest in WebOS that preDevCamp fostered, Palm seem to be, at best, oblivious and, at worst, disdainful of the enthusiasm and good will engendered by these folk. I think they are missing a real opportunity to be involved in and to help generate the growth of a vital community."

Comment Re:Stupid. (Score 1) 554

It's instanely stupid to do this because you have some weird usage pattern? Why should Firefox be made for you specifically, and not for as many people as possible?

If using the space that is available to me and not clunking up the browser with toolbars that I don't need or use is weird to you, then I don't know what isn't. Can you share?

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