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Comment Re:I want to slap the author (Score 1) 623

Do you work in software development? Most of your tedious diatribe leads me to believe that the answer to that question is 'no'. Spend a few years working as a programmer and software designer and then come back to this subject when you know more; because right now, judging by what you have said, you don't know enough about programming or software design to even have an opinion.

I work in software development (C and C++) and I will support the grandparent. I don't know what you do, but I interpret designs into code.

I have even at some points written code to interpret designs into code because it was more efficient. I remember spending days designing GUIs in a legacy framework before I was moved to a project that used GTK, where I could throw together a GUI and a seperate test gui with secret features in half the time.

If you work in an area where you need to be at the assembly level and anything else might get screwed up in interpretation, then yes, it has to hard, but from what I've experienced, the more tools you can fire off to let the computer program itself the faster you can get to an end product. Also the more direct control you can pass up to the system engineers who might not code as well, the closer your product will be to their designs.

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