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Submission + - Brazil's Magnet Boy Seems To Attract Metal Objects (

Mightee writes: "Paulo David Amorim, an 11-year-old boy from Mossoro, Brazil has been dubbed "Magnet Boy" because of his magnet-like qualities — metal objects seems to stick to his skin.

In a television footage shown on Globo TV network, Paulo demonstrated how his body attract metal objects such as spoons, scissors, cooking pans etc. and remain stuck on his chest, stomach and back."


Submission + - Google+ runs out of disk space, spams users (

An anonymous reader writes: Google has apologised after Google+ users are bombarded with multiple notification messages, due to a bug in the social networking's code after the site "ran out of disk space".

Submission + - iPad in enterprise: Apple's game to lose

Toe, The writes: Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes follows up on a conference call with Forrester Research by concluding that the iPad is “running far ahead of its tablet competition and its their game to lose." He also notes that Apple is the "½Â½Âoewinner in the consumerization of IT," with hoards of enterprise workers bringing their Apple devices into work. He predicts Apple will claim over 70% of 47 million tablets sold in 2011. Recently, Apple announced that over 80% of Fortune 100 are already deploying or testing the iPad.

Submission + - UFC President tells pirates to prepare for jail (

markass530 writes: While this past weekend's "UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort" event will always be remembered for the front kick heard 'round the world, UFC president Dana White said the card might also be known as the launching point for the future of the company.

In conjunction with the New York-based NeuLion, Inc., the UFC offered an enhanced pay-per-view broadcast at, and White believes the format is the wave of the future.

“The very forceful actions taken by Mr. (Preet) Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and Mr. (John T.) Morton, the Director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, against these parasitic websites is very welcome news," White stated. "The criminal theft of pay-per-view events has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars of revenue to not only the UFC and its fighters, but has also deprived federal, state and local government of their rightful entitlement to significant tax revenue.

We're fighting it hard," White said. "Listen, I said it when we made this announcement, and I'll say it again, people are going to jail."


RDS Protocol Bug Creates a Linux Kernel Hole, Now Fixed 89

Trailrunner7 writes "The open-source Linux operating system contains a serious security flaw that can be exploited to gain superuser rights on a target system. The vulnerability, in the Linux implementation of the Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) protocol, affects unpatched versions of the Linux kernel, starting from 2.6.30, where the RDS protocol was first included." The article goes on to say, though, that "Linux installations are only vulnerable if the CONFIG_RDS kernel configuration option is set, and if there are no restrictions on unprivileged users loading packet family modules, as is the case on most stock distributions," and that Linus Torvalds has committed a fix.

Comment Re:Ronin (Score 1) 237

well thats the problem with Busido - a bit like in the old days in the british empire if you passed the port the wrong wayr round the table one had to go out and do the decent thing and blow ones brains out :-)

If the tories loose the election Boris will be round the David Camerons with a webley and a bottle of whisky stat!

Comment Aliens have already contacted us. (Score 1) 1015

The ability of humans to pathologically reject what they don't want to know is simply amazing. In the 1950's the UFOs did everything but drop turds on the White House Lawn. The ability of some people to dismiss what they don't want to know with nonsensical references to ball lightning or swamp gas is beyond belief if you have not seen it happen.

Major world governments, do not have that option. Sometime in th 50's or before the UFOs did contact them. Ever since the major governments' policy has been to make humanity look more like redwoods and less like med-fly!

Does anyone really think that space aliens are smart enough to make ships capable of interstellar travel and yet not be able to do simple Malthusian arithmetic? If humanity had the power to escape the prison of the solar system, how long would it be before humans infested everywhere? An eyeblink by the standards of galactic history. It is the policy of the major earth governments to:

  1. make it look like humanity is tempermentally incapable of developing the means of interstellar travel.
  2. make humanity look more benign in other ways.

See how much is explained by this theory:

  1. It explains why I still have not got my flying car! A humanity unable to develop the flying car and still dependant on coal, gas, and oil looks less threatening.
  2. It explains why public research into so-called "cold fusion" (really unexplainable heat production), is suppressed or downplayed. If it became known that humanity understood this phenomena, humanity would look more dangerous. The world governments must assume that everything on TV networks or the internet is bugged by the aliens. So so-called "cold fusion" does not exist!
  3. It explains why major world governments still refuse to acknowledge the existence of UFOs. If ordinary people were told of the existence of UFOs and space aliens, humanities reaction could not be made to look benign. If the UFO secret had been any ordinary secret, it would have been disclosed long ago. Consider how much the Commies hated the capitalists and the capitalists hated the commies. Even better, consider how much the Democrats hate the Republicans and the Republicans hate the Democrats! If the UFO secret had been an ordinary secret it would have be disclosed long ago as ammunition in the ongoing political wars! The fact that the UFO secret has survived this long means that the worlds governments are also concealing some other secret inextricably intertwined with the UFO secret that is so horrendous and explosive that it absolutely can not be revealed. The most frightening fact about recent history is that the UFO secret still has not been told.

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