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Comment Re:Buyer's Remorse (Score 3, Insightful) 140

It happens a lot here in Germany, people ordering e.g. clothing (several trousers, shirt, etc.) and only keeping the ones they like, sending the rest back again. It really is pretty common, people use the right to return merchandise bought online as a replacement for trying out various items at a shop.

That's not an example of abuse of the system, it's an example of the system working in just about the only way it can work.

People wouldn't be willing to buy clothes online if they couldn't send back what didn't fit or look good on them.

Comment Re:Did they break any laws? (Score 4, Insightful) 716

A company is doing its shareholders a dis-service if they pay more tax than legally required.

Contributing towards the infrastructure that allowed the company and the shareholders to get to their positions of wealth in the first place is doing them a dis-service...? If you don't like the amount of tax a corporation pays, due to their corporate structure, petition your government to close the loophole.

You seem oddly concerned with stopping people from criticising what Apple are doing here.

If I slept with your wife, would you listen to those who told you to stop moaning about it and begin petitioning for adultery to be made illegal?

Comment Re:Whats the point? (Score 2) 435

Whats the point of consoles again? Its not like any next gen console have any chance in hell of being more powerful than my PC. Why should I spend money on a separate box?

The 'point' of a console is that it allows you to shove a small, simple device under your TV and play games.

And a controller is fine for FPS games. I can play Halo as easily as I can play BF3 on the PC with a mouse and keyboard.

Comment Re:Who would buy a system without games? (Score 1) 368

Who would buy a system without games? If there aren't enough developers making worthwhile split-screen games, then gamers won't feel willing to buy the hardware needed for split-screen games, such as multiple gamepads or a separate gaming PC for the TV room.

So despite millions of people spending millions of hours playing games split screen, they should all base their opinion on what the developers/publishers think about it...?

If you couldn't find any real-life friends to play a particular FPS with you, then what would you do next?

What does that have to do with it? I said that splitscreen works fine for FPS games, not that it is the perfect panacea for all possible scenarios.

If my Internet went down, I wouldn't be able to play online. That doesn't mean online gaming is crap.

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